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FERTILOC+ is a ride-on independent 3 point system for providing solid fertiliser to row crops. FERTILOC+ can also be used alone at the front or rear of the tractor. The fertiliser is spread by gravity, by electric or hydraulic blowers according to requirement.  The independent adjustment cells allow a variable flow rate of up to 450 kg/ha.

The Chassis

  • 3-point double linkage, spacing between yokes No. 3, pin No. 2/3 with a chassis frame overhang of 0.60 m.
  • Main beam in 120 x 5 square tube, with a height under the chassis of 600, enabling it to be used when the crop is at an advanced stage.
  • Pair of depth control wheels, 10-ply Ø 535 x 165, including one for the distribution drive.
  • Easy height adjustment by yoke with sector and pins.
  • Pair of retractable stands.
  • Loading height 1.80 m.
  • Signalling included.

The Hopper

  • Stainless steel hopper as standard.
  • Variable number of outlets thus making it possible to adapt to different crops.
  • Easy to clean with 2 drainage hatches on the 2.50 m or 3 m models and 4 hatches on the 3.50 m.
  • Stirring augers in the bottom of the hopper to ensure continuous feed to the cells.
  • Retractable sieve (25 x 25) in the bottom of the hopper to protect the cells.
  • Fast-winding cover for complete opening of the hopper.

The Distribution

  • Independent adjustment of the distribution cells without changing the pinion to allow a ½ dose adjustment on the exterior cells.
  • Fertiliser application by variable flow rate cell, up to 450 kg/ha.
  • Fertiliser spread by gravity or by electric or hydraulic blowers to avoid the risk of blockages.
  • Automatic flow rate regulation depending on forward speed to distribute a constant dose

Safety :

  • Signalling in accordance with regulations in force

Durability :

  • Solid chassis, entirely mechanically welded on main beam 120 × 5 mm

Efficiency :

  • Multiple-use potential, with the seed drill, hoer or alone on the front or rear of the tractor
  • Accuracy of fertiliser application with DPA wheel
  • Stirring auger to empty the hopper completely

Comfort :

  • Height adjustment by single wheel with sector pin
  • Simple adjustment of the distribution cells with dosage chart without changing sprocket
  • Adjustment of the coupling yoke gaps from no. 2 to no. 3
  • Fast winding cover
  • Hydraulic folding of the extensions to avoid getting off the

Quality :

  • Control at each stage of production
  • Paint with polyurethane finish on epoxy finish
  • Surface treatment before painting by conversion

Environment :

  • Requires little tractor power for traction
  • Makes it possible to provide the correct fertiliser dose at the base of the crop

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