DACS A/S is a family-owned company with 30 years experience of developing, producing and delivering ventilation and control systems for livestock production. We use our comprehensive knowledge about livestock production in the development of new products ensuring our customers the best ventilation solutions on the market. Our focus is on optimum animal welfare and on maximum energy efficiency.

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MagFan in short:

- Plug-and-run

- Built to last, maintenance-free

- Calculated service life 100000+ hrs

- Capacity up to 80000 m3/h (47000 cfm)

- Runs on 95% of the world´s power grid

- Runs on any voltage from 85VAC to 265VAC

- Reduces CO2 emissions by at least two thirds

- Reduces your energy bill by 70% compared to top ten competitors

- Saves 75% on transport costs

- Soft start and acceleration

MagFan takes you further for less

MagFan offers an unprecedented combination of high capacity, high pressure and extreme efficiency. Wherever energy is a limited resource and high capacity, high flow rates and high pressures is needed, MagFan is the answer. The unit is totally corrosion resistant and requires no maintenance, and the estimated service life of the product is in excess of 100000 hours.

… and returns your investment

The combination of high quality materials, extreme efficiency, unrivalled performance and simplified installation results in a very attractive Return On Investment (ROI) of typically one, maximum two years. The world’s most energy efficient wall fan In a direct comparison against leading suppliers, MagFan offers at least 70% lower energy consumption at equivalent flow rates.

Variable Speed Drive

Your MagFan starts slowly and quietly and accelerates to the requested speed. With its precise airflow control, MagFan can be used even during brooding. As the need for more fresh air increases, the fan simply accelerates smoothly and effortlessly, alwaysmatching the airflow and pressure requirements. MagFan has an unrivalled, wide duty point, ranging from neutral to 100 Pa (0.40”). Even at very high tunnel ventilation air speeds, the fan operates at low loads and has an abundance of spare capacity.

Flexibility by design

MagFan comes with a simple to use plug-and-run Variable Speed Drive which facilitates installation and makes MagFan capable of running on 95% of the world’s electric grid without having to even think of supply voltage, frequency or voltage drops.

DACS ventilation systems is for all climate zones. From the very cold polar climate zones over temperate climate zones and into the subtropical and tropical regions. We deliver energy efficient, high performing systems designed to maximize yield and animal welfare, at a fraction of the normal running costs and carbon emissions. Poultry and pig production requires quite a bit of energy, but at DACS we have worked hard to reduce your operating costs to a minimum. We continuously develop products which will help you reach your goal: healthy animals and high outcome. 

Focus on energy efficiency
Our philosophy is to maximize energy efficiency, and this is incorporated into everything we do. Thus all our systems are designed to give you the best energy efficiency and the most durable systems on the market. Our focus on energy efficiency means that your initial investments are earned back sooner than normally - and it just might be that in your country you could get a tax deduction because you save energy with our systems.

In the beginning of most production batches, the animals need heat to thrive, and the heaters have to run. Later on the animals produce a lot of heat themselves, and the surplus heat has to be utilized while the ventilation has to remove gazeous waste in order to keep the animals healthy and the litter dry. The surplus heat produced by the animals is a resource, and we use these calories in our ventilation system. 

Corona – an active roof mounted air inlet

The Corona is an active fan assisted air distribution unit. The active distribution of  reheated, oxygen rich air ensures a supreme climate in the house from day one to finish, no matter the outside conditions. By providing ideal airspeed and plenty of oxygen at floor level, the systems support the animals’ metabolism and growth. Tests have shown that by utilizing the warm air in the roof space the Corona typically returns 10kW of heat for each 1kW of electricity used and cuts the overall heat consumption by as much as 50%.

At low ventilation rates, when it is very cold outside and/or when the animals are small, the Corona preheats the air by mixing small portions of cold incoming air with warm room air, before distributing the air evenly throughout the house. The Corona works with partially opened dampers and mixes an increasingly larger portion of incoming, cool air with warm room air, maintaining ideal climate conditions in the house. When temperatures soar, the dampers go to vertical position for maximum airflow. The mixing action is suppressed by the main flow, and air is shot outwards and downwards, creating unsurpassed thermal comfort by means of vertical air movement.  

Market-leading roof mounted exhaust fan
The HE740 is the most efficient roof mounted exhaust fan on the market. The advanced aerodynamics ensure high air exchange rates at very low energy consumption. Trouble-free performance. The advanced chimney design with its expanded core ABS provides good insulation values and serves as a sturdy mounting base which does not flex or expand when exposed to extreme temperatures. The totally corrosion-free unit provides years of trouble-free, efficient operation and 30% lower energy consumption. In direct comparison against leading suppliers, the HE740 exhaust unit offers at least 30% lower energy consumption at equivalent flow rates. 

The HE740 exhaust with butterfly damper completely seals off from rain, birds, insects, rodents and light when not in operation. This unit is for on/off control.

The HE740 with turning baffle is for speed control (0-10 Volt) via a frequency inverter, or via on/off signal. 


AddAir is a versatile and highly efficient heat exchanger, combining the simplicity of traditional heating systems with the efficient humidity control of heat exchangers – but at a fraction of the initial cost, with much longer service life, and significantly lower running costs. AddAir quite simply is a game changer for the entire poultry industry due to its supreme dehumidification capability.

AddAir has the following advantages:

- Better distribution of the air in the house

- Better litter condition

- Better integration with ventilation

- Significantly lower power consumption

- Significant saving in heating costs

- No cleaning and maintenance during production

- Open construction – easy to clean

- Much lower initial costs and running costs

Management & Control
The ACS6 climate and production controller is the sixth generation of high end climate and production controllers for the poultry industry from DACS. Thirty years of experience and know-how from the industry, together with the latest trends, make the ACS6 a powerful package for climate and production control in poultry houses and enables farmers to optimize even more on the in-house climate and production. The core of the control system is ACS6 controller. Powerful ARM CPU
running Linux OS and interface with wide range of inputs and outputs makes this controller able to handle the most advanced types of modern poultry production. The ACS6 controller execute all control and registration functions independently even during the power interruption. Energy saving control functions together with tools for efficient management are giving you very short payback of investment in our control and management system.

- ACSnet is a tool for daily management
- ACSnet is a performance and benchmarking tool
- All buildings connected to ACSnet server via ACS6 controllers
- Free update of new software for ACS6 controllers
- Free software license for ACSnet
- Free client license for ACSnet
- Free database license
- Integration of production data to ERP
- On-line training and support via internet
- Advanced feed management water/feed ratio, FCR, EPEF

- Simplified installation
- Increased level of electrical safety
- Full technical documentation with each panel
- Designed and tested according to European standards
- No panels leave our workshop without thorough testing

Scalable concept suitable for all farm sizes

Remote access to the server can be done from smart phones or tablets using the standard apps for a given platform. Advantage of this type of connection to the ACSnet is, that user is working directly on the ACSnet server. All shown parameters are actual values from the system without any delay. For more comfortable editing the mobile units keyboard can be used. When needed the ACSnet client software can be installed on the client PC. This allow the client to
work with other screens without disturbing user working on the ACSnet server.