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  • Poultry

  • Winchable Feeding Systems

    Winchable Feeding Systems

    The broiler market demands a fully suspended, winchable feeding system, with round pans set at intervals allowing free movement of birds. The EB winchable pan system achieves dramatic reductions in labour and running costs by virtue of its pan size. Most pan feeding systems set the pans at 750mm centres, with a pan circumference of approximately 1040mm, as opposed to the EB pan which is 1280mm - that is 23% greater in circumference at the pan....

  • Overhead Feeding Systems

    Overhead Feeding Systems

    In these days of totally enclosed houses and high stocking densities, EB Equipment have recognised the need for an alternative to the conventional round the house chain powered, low capacity systems. The use of two augers transports food directly to the stock, reducing damage during house clearing and cleaning, saving time on systems that need stripping and clearing. The auger tubing, pans and assembly are made of durable polypropylene and exceed all...

  • Free Range and Game Feeding System

    Free Range and Game Feeding System

    The concept for the 90’s was the production of eggs from birds in loose-housed systems, i.e free range. Also in recent years the demand for game birds has increaseed to a level where large-scale production units required equipment more specific to their requirements. EB has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of drinker and feeder systems for loose housed/free range birds, awarded a medal in 1958, followed by periodic...

  • Pigs

  • EB - Pig Feeding Systems

    EB - Pig Feeding Systems

    EB’s original patented design of 1963, awarded bronze medal in 1965, is still the industry standard and although it has gone through design modifications as new materials and new technology are developed, it is still the tried and trusted formula. The sow dumper automatically dispenses (by weight) predetermined amounts of food onto the straw bedding, thus satisfying the natural desire of pigs to root for their food, roam, rest and sleep in...

  • Agricultural

  • EB - Flexible Auger Feed Conveying Systems

    EB - Flexible Auger Feed Conveying Systems

    The EB auger was developed following many years experience working in the agricultural industry and our observations of alternative feeding systems. If you are considering the installation of an EB feeding system before you make any decision, please do as we did:-Consider the alternatives: Small bore, open trough chain and flight, wire and flight and finally shafted auger - all are systems used today in the automation of livestock feeding systems. All...

  • Storage

  • EB - Silos

    EB - Silos

    EB were the first in the UK to develop the production of silos in GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and have continued to lead the field ever since, developing unique processes to produce the only UK GRP silo, which are of one piece construction, totally seamless, totally watertight. Continuing investment and research has resulted in one of the most advanced silo and tank production facilities across Europe.