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  • Potato Technology

  • Jafix  - Model TN 200 E - Bagging Scales

    Jafix - Model TN 200 E - Bagging Scales

    Fully automatic baling scale for packing potatoes and onions. Weighing range 1 - 30 kg. electronic weighing system with 2 load cells (Gassner) with default weight pre -weigh bin. belt width approx. 300 mm 3-row offset cleats approx. 50 mm high and approx. 100 mm wide with spacing of approx 150 mm. 220 volt drum motor with automatic switching via tap changer and mechanical discharge of the pre -weigh bin via foot pedal and automatic restart, bag...

  • Model BBF - Big Bag Filler

    Model BBF - Big Bag Filler

    Automatic big bag filler for big bag heights of 1600 nun to 2000 nun. Fully automatic operation in conjunction with feed belt large feed hopper, fixed hooks for big bags- manual automatic operation, top up button, hook height can be adjusted via winch. control cabinet. Pockets for forklift. Max. height of filling hopper approx. 2700 - 3250 mm, width approx. 1500 mm, depth approx. 1500 nun, weight approx, 325 kg. Manufactured in-house, powder...

  • Model V - Brushing Machines

    Model V - Brushing Machines

    Drive via geared motor, brush diameter 135 mm, undulating brushes, speed: 176 rpm, ubber covering, chassis with 2 fixed and 2 steering wheels with height adjustment adjustable discharge chute. When a frequency controller is used, the speed can be infinitely varied from 64-205rpm. Manufactured in-house , powder coated.   

  • Folding Chute

    Folding Chute

    For filling trucks., trailers, boxes, crates etc. Semi-automatic folding chute with electric height adjustment and limit switch for attachment to all  conveyors. 7 chute levels, total length 2000 mm. Manufactured in- house, powder coated.

  • Conveyor / Feeder

  • Conveyor / Feeder

    Conveyor / Feeder

    For grader , boxes, storage silos, big bags, trailers etc. With chassis and wheels, height adjustment via jack, rubber - coated feed hopper  approx. 800 mm wide. Version K = with bend and belt divided in centre. Ma nufactured in - house , powder  coated

  • Green Technology

  • Model M 275 - Grassland Roller

    Model M 275 - Grassland Roller

    Grassland roller with rounded off edges, draw bar and side support, 14mm wall, spring mounted stripper, roll diameter 1,220mm, one-piece for water filling. gangway space 2,750mm, empty weight approx. 1,970kgs, filled approx. 4,430kgs.

  • Acc. for Lift Trucks

  • Forklift Buckets

    Forklift Buckets

    EURO - Bucket (bucket with forward view) for potatoes, onions, carrots, cereals, fertilisers and other dry bulk. Heavy duty design for attachment to forklift tines, double joint articulation, cutting edge at front 15  mm, double - action hydraulic cylinder (ES 1800 with 2 cylinders), with hoses and couplings.  Manufactured in - house, powder coated (stove enamelled) ,  height 750 mm  and depth 1500 mm,with viewing window.