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  • TerraBRILL - Royal Blumenerde

    TerraBRILL - Royal Blumenerde

    With fertilizer depot - for the whole summer: The slow release fertilizer ensures a consistent supply of all necessary nutrients and trace elements all summer long. No need to refertilize in the first twelve weeks. With clay - uncomplicated and safe: The addition of clay improves the water supply; nutrients are retained in the potting substrate and can be released when needed.

  • TerraBRILL - Blumenerde

    TerraBRILL - Blumenerde

    All-round substrate - wide range of use: The lightly fertilized substrate with all necessary nutrients and trace elements offers a wide range for different areas and plants. The fine grain structure is perfect for pots and smaller flower boxes. It can noticeably improve the garden bed and thus the planting results.

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  • Potting Substrates

    Potting Substrates

    Our potting substrates are adjusted to the cultivation demands of various plants regarding to structures, fertilization and pH values, according to pot size and type of cultivation. The tables below offer an overview of our potting substrates and contain links to the substrate data sheets. You may also wish to take a look at our 

  • Container and Soft Fruit Substrates

    Container and Soft Fruit Substrates

    Here you can find our container substrates for tree nurseries and soft fruits. By using high quality, well structured and certified resources, Brill substrates for container and soft fruit substrates reach high levels of air capacity, have great drainage characteristics and good structural stability. They are well suited for...

  • BIO Substrates

    BIO Substrates

    Our assortment of BIO substrates was specially developed for biological cultivation and the used raw materails and additives conform to the EC regulation 834/ 2007.App. I. Our BIO substrates are also listed in the resource catalogs of FIBL Deutschland,