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  • Tray Systems

    The production where many trays, boxes, crates should be filled are important to automate. HETO has various systems to fill from large to small units. With extensive setting possibilities you can reach an optimal filling. Flexible sizing is possible because the systems are easy to adjust for other sizes. Obviously our machinery provides in the covering of vermiculite, sand or other material or automatic watering or wrapping with foil or paper to finish of the trays. For all systems, we make

  • Pot Systems

    Perhaps the most used machine in the horticultural and tree nursery sector is the potting machine. Our systems provide for filling pots from 5 till 30 cm. diameter. But with our years of experience has given us technical team even though many special versions for larger pot sizes. Fully automate the handling of a large number of variety of plants, plugs and cuttings is our expertise. Think about drilling plant holes, fertilizer dosage for example osmocote but also delivering a clean pot to t

  • Model H15 - Potting Machine

    Model H15 - Potting Machine

    The pottingmachine is an universal machine for automatically filling pots with a diameter of 5,5 to 24 cm. By an adjustment it is possible to use the diameter of the flower pots to expand to 48 cm. In other words: the pottingmachine is suitable to fill sizes from mini pots to buckets ! To drill a plant hole is also one of the standard functions of the HETO pottingmachine H15. Several drill holes in one pot is also one of the extra options. All...

  • Potting Robot Machine

    Potting Robot Machine

    The potting-robot has been developed to pick up a couple of pots and to put them down in another place, for example, from a conveyorbelt to a mobile potcontainer.

  • Bufferline - Collecting System

    Bufferline - Collecting System

    The bufferline is an universal collecting system for practically all kinds of pot- and tray sizes. This type of collecting system makes it possible to pick up and transplant large numbers of pots and trays with the spacing fork. By the effort of the HETO bufferline it is possible to improve the work situation of your employees during the potting, sorting and the delivery of your plants. This system is very functional during the growing period to sort...

  • Spacing Fork

    Spacing Fork

    The spacing fork has been especially developed for spacing potplants in general and in patterns.

  • Brushing Machine

    Brushing Machine

    The brushingmachine is an universal standalone machine for brushing of roundpots. The brushing is taking place without the use of water.