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Hydor is the oldest company in the Elta Group. In the five decades since Hydor was established, it has become one of the leading brands in the provision of fans, controls and systems to the poultry industry worldwide. Over the years, the company has expanded into other agricultural and industrial markets with it`s expanding range of products. Since it`s acquisition by Elta Group in 2003 the company has continued to develop, now considered to be one of the most progressive companies in the industry, with an enviable reputation in livestock ventilation and horticulture.

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Unit 8, Parkers Close, Downton Business Centre, Downton, Salisbury , Wiltshire , SP5 3RB United Kingdom

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The Early Days….

Established in 1963, Hydor initially imported fans for poultry applications. As the business developed, so did Hydor’s capabilities, application knowledge and expertise in supplying a wide range of original equipment manufacturers in the UK market.

Hydor’s continued growth established the company’s presence in the agricultural markets of South Africa, Australia and Italy, as well as becoming a dominant supplier in the Middle Eastern Countries with high performance fans and control panels.

Hydor also moved into industrial ventilation with the development of the High efficiency range of fans, also fundamental to poultry farming applications.

In the mid eighties, The Turbulator fan range developed Hydor’s presence in Horticulture and Industry. Side wall and roof ventilation units complimented an extensive range, by now, widely used throughout the agricultural marketplace.

Hydor has always been proud of its history and now, as always, Hydor products feature the attention to detail you would expect - all drawn from the company’s philosophy of designing around the customers specific requirements.

And Now...

The tradition of first class ventilation products lives on, underpinned by the very best in system design to meet today’s exacting applications and modern building techniques.

Hydor still operates from its original home town of Downton, Wiltshire in England, although it now boasts ultra modern premises and representation worldwide.

In 2003, following the acquisition by Elta Group, Hydor still continues to adopt the same cultural values - An enthusiasm, drive and determination that is expected of a privately owned family enterprise.

Then, as now, the company was a byword for excellence in design applications. This expertise has grown over the last 45 years and Hydor now leads the field in the design and technical innovation of its products and systems for intensive livestock buildings, commercial horticulture and industrial ventilation applications.

Building on a Reputation…

Customer loyalty is a true measure of acceptance for Hydor’s products and services in the market place.

Yet it is within the company - the many years dedication to our research and testing that go into achieving the ultimate air performance, perfect sound characteristics, well thought out product attributes and optimum system designs for applications set. These are benchmarks by which our customers have selected Hydor with confidence year after year.

However, other measures of equal importance must exist if we are to satisfy our customer service offering - An availability of products through extensive stocks, coupled with the strength and depth of technical knowledge and support, compliment a first class product range, all manufactured to the highest standards.

When you choose Hydor, you choose something more than just a fan, controller or system design. You choose an approach towards quality, innovation and design.

A Flexible Approach…

Hydor appreciate that customer satisfaction has to be earned through quality of service, quality of product and at a competitive price. Hydor is flexible enough to constantly adapt to these changes within it’s market sectors.
Our manufacturing capabilities offer flexibility in design, coupled with a skilled labour force, which ensures products are built to precise client specifications, regardless of application.

Hydor has now been in the manufacture, design and assembly of fans, controls and associated equipment for more than 45 years. As an established manufacturer in our field, Hydor has continued to invest in tomorrow’s plant and equipment, whilst constantly adopting modern day techniques in manufacturing.

All this has culminated in an approach to our customers that provides a swift, responsive and adaptable service - all geared to meeting our customers market conditions.

Hydors flexibility and experience in manufacture is underpinned by our ability to design, develop and produce bespoke, special or modified standard products to customer designs.

Hydor works to develop partnerships with our suppliers who form an integral link in ensuring we meet and exceed our customer’s requirements.

A Customer Development Drive…

Whether it be the supply of a fan or controller from stock, or the design of a complex ventilation system, Hydor provides an exemplary customer service approach.

Our extensive resources and expertise evolve from a dedicated sales team structure, to comprehensive technical support that is unsurpassed, culminating in a continuous improvement culture.

Customers worldwide have access to expertise and problem solving capabilities second to none. Hydor ensures that customers needs are met - wherever they may be - with the highest standard of care, expertise and flexibility.

Whatever the application, and however specialised your requirements may be - We will evaluate and develop the most efficient solution for your project. The requirement for expertise, technical know-how and the ability to get together with the customer ensures the right environment for the best possible solution in our markets.

Behind every aspect of product development at Hydor there is a permanent goal of continuous improvement. Hydors benchmarks are functionality in each application, ever better quality, and the highest possible performance efficiency in our products.

Right from initial concept, to screening , market testing and prototype to final end product - every detail for every aspect is pursued with every effort, ensuring an optimal product to our customers.