Jefo is present in over 55 countries. We offer innovative feed additive strategies for poultry, swine, dairy, beef and aquaculture. It is through our customers trust that we are able to develop and expand our solutions so successfully. Jefo pursues a mission similar to yours... to help producers maximize their efficiency while raising their interest and inspiration to succeed. Our respective efforts contribute to offering unique expertise and species specific products improving animal production that result in your customers success.

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5020 JEFO Avenue – C.P. 325 , St-Hyacinthe , J2S 7B6 Canada
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At Jefo, we believe in innovation and teamwork. Our commitment to our profession allows us to offer quality products and services to our customers, while creating a relationship of trust.

At Jefo, teamwork is based on communication in order to capitalize on individual skills and collective efforts to achieve our goals.
Active involvement and a sense of responsibility are reflected in the commitment and passion of our team of professionals.
The creativity and critical thinking of our technical team enables us to develop new solutions, which are validated in research stations and field conditions to continuously improve animal performance.

The satisfaction and trust of our customers are our foremost priorities. Actively listening to their needs solidifies our partnership.
Jefo employs a controlled system, supported by internationally recognized certifications. Our on-going improvements allow us to deliver superior quality products and services.

Our mission is to be a global partner in the field of feed additives, putting forward innovative and effective solutions, that also promote sustainable development.

Since 1982, Jefo solutions have been designed to meet the needs of the animal industry, with a forerunner vision. Backed-up by our applied scientific curiosity, our passionate and creative team of animal scientists, veterinarians and Ph.Ds., bring real-life solutions to the table. By closely monitoring our customers’ challenges and results, our team is continuously improving the efficiency and reliability of our solutions to redefine the boundaries of animal nutrition.

Jefo introduced the Jefo Matrix Technology in the 80’s, a protective technology revolutionizing the efficiency of feed ingredients, which is now essential for today’s peak animal nutrition.

Revolutionary technology is always something more than what it was intended for. For us, it was the source of new inspiration and ideas that lies behind the high performance of our current solutions. Perhaps, more undiscovered nutrient associations might allow impressive discoveries, better performances and a more sustainable agriculture.

The constant desire to be ahead of One's time is something that comes from within. It is that spirit that animates our company and enables us to sustain our commitment: Life, made easier.

We are excited about the new solutions that will emerge come from our research and innovation department, as they will continue to redefine the boundaries of animal nutrition.

What is the Jefo story? What set things in motion? A brilliant idea? A lucky encounter? A desire? An emotion? A passion? Was it something more complicated – a combination of all these elements and moments that made the Jefo dream a reality?
Jefo was founded in 1982, when a man saw an opportunity to benefit local producers. Starting out as a distributor, the company grew and soon offered its own product line, backed by its own expertise and vision.
In due course, laborious beginnings paved the way for exponential growth. Today, Jefo is part of the big leagues of the feed additives industry.
Without losing sight of its roots, Jefo continues to build on the foundations that have led to its success: strong relationships, risk-taking, hard work, and knowledge. Originating with one man, Jean Fontaine, the Jefo spirit is now carried forward by all its employees, distributors and customers. Jefo is not only a quality brand, it is also an extended community.