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algae reactor Companies

  • Industrial Plankton Inc.

    based in Victoria, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).


    Industrial Plankton Inc.

    Industrial Plankton Inc. designs and manufactures turnkey bioreactors in Canada for clean, on-site, live plankton production for aquaculture, research lab, and biotechnology uses. Our technology is optimized for reliability, ease of use, and ...

  • Tunze Aquarientechnik Gmbh

    based in Penzberg, GERMANY.

    Tunze Aquarientechnik Gmbh

    TUNZE® Aquarientechnik GmbH in Penzberg, I would like to welcome you to one of the strongest and best-known trademarks of aquarium technology. Since its establishment in 1960, TUNZE has been focussing on providing its customers with high-quality ...

    Tunze - Model 3181 - Macro Algae Reactor

    Tunze - Model 3181 - Macro Algae Reactor

    Macro Algae Reactor for For aquariums from 100 to 600 liters (26 - 159 USgal.). Flow rate: 400 - 900 l/h (106 - 238 USgal.). Energy consumption with pump: approx. 18 W. Measurements of the reactor ...

  • Algae Lab Systems

    based in Boulder, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

    Algae Lab Systems

    Algae for biofuels, algae for wastewater treatment, algae for nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and biomaterials. There are so many uses for algae but like any crop, growing algae can be challenging. Each algae strain has its own unique optimal growing ...

    Algae Lab - Model 250 - Photosynthetic Programmable Algae Reactor

    Algae Lab - Model 250 - Photosynthetic Programmable Algae Reactor

    The Algae Lab 250 gets you running experiments and growing algae quickly. At 1 square meter in area, It fits in indoor labs, can be run outside, and can be used with AlgaeConnect™ sensors and ...

  • Biosensor

    based in Formello, ITALY.


    Biosensor srl offers technology solutions to the industries in the field of Biosensor development and services for water and food analysis. It offers experience documented by pending international patents on algae growth, water waste treatment by ...

  • Kimle Aquaculture

    based in Ames, IOWA (USA).

    Kimle Aquaculture

    Kimle Aquaculture is developing a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) based around the revolutionary revolving algal biofilm technology. Use of this technology in aquaculture solves many of the challenges currently facing producers by simplifying ...

    Kimle - Algae-Based Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

    Kimle - Algae-Based Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

    Algae-based treatment in recirculating aquaculture provides the opportunity to capture nutrients rather than to simply “treat”. ...

  • Algae.Tec Ltd.

    Algae.Tec (ASX. AEB) is a specialist algae producer focused on the key algae-based nutraceutical, animal and aquaculture markets. Algae.Tec has a highly experienced global team with over 200 years of technical, professional and business expertise in ...

  • MasseReaction, Inc.

    based in Palm City, FLORIDA (USA).

    MasseReaction, Inc.

    The Algae Renewable Fuels Company THE WORLD has been waiting for. MasseReaction Inc. can profitably harness the power of nature to produce clean renewable fuels. MasseReaction Inc. was established in late 2008 as a startup company to manage the ...

  • Phenometrics, Inc.

    based in Lansing, MICHIGAN (USA).

    Phenometrics, Inc.

    Phenometrics, Inc. is dedicated to the advancement of research and development in photosynthesis by delivering innovative solutions for researchers worldwide. Our flagship product, the Phenometrics Photo Bioreactor (PBR101), is an advanced algae ...

    Phenometrics - Model PBR101 - Algae Photobioreactor

    Phenometrics - Model PBR101 - Algae Photobioreactor

    Phenometrics products enable scientists to study algae under the same conditions found outdoors in the ponds, but in the much more efficient confines of the laboratory. Each computer-controlled PBR101 uses breakthrough technology to ...

  • Reliance Laboratories

    based in Port Townsend, WASHINGTON (USA).

    Reliance Laboratories

    Founded in 2008 by Jascha Gulden, Reliance Laboratories has equipment installed in research and production facilities world-wide. Our areas of expertise include LED-based lighting systems, precision environmental control, sensing, and data logging. ...

    rPBR - Raceway Photo BioReactor

    rPBR - Raceway Photo BioReactor

    Reliance’s latest design for the Micro-Algae Community is our Raceway Photo Bio Reactor (rPRB). The rPBR is an ideal combination of  a fully sealed PBR and a larger open raceway. Our Raceway PBR offers ...

  • Subitec GmbH

    based in Stuttgart, GERMANY.

    Subitec GmbH

    Subitec is a German technology company headquartered in Stuttgart specializing in process engineering and the supply of microalgae cultivation equipment and turn-key production systems. Established as a spin off from the Fraunhofer Institute, ...

    Subitec - Model FPA - Outdoor Production Systems

    Subitec - Model FPA - Outdoor Production Systems

    The culture suspension is kept in a constant eddy inside the specially designed static mixers of the FPA reactors. This means that the algae is continuously cycled from the illuminated side to the unilluminated side ...

  • Liqoflux

    based in Rijen, NETHERLANDS.


    Liqoflux focuses on water treatment for the algae industry. We offer all water treatment solutions to make your algae production successful: from purifying the water for algae cultivation, concentrating the algae culture for harvesting to recycling ...

    LiqoVibro - Algae Concentration System

    LiqoVibro - Algae Concentration System

    The innovative LiqoVibro membrane technology is especially suitable for (1) dewatering algae cultures with higher concentrations (e.g. algae production with Photo Bio Reactors) ...

  • Aqua Sonic Management International Limited.

    based in North ipswich, AUSTRALIA.

    Aqua Sonic Management International Limited.

    Aqua Sonic Management Pty ltd ultraviolet and ultrasonic wave technology is proven to significantly remove filamentous algae, bacteria, viruses and able to reduce nitrate in an environmentally way. Ultrasound is a well established technology but ...

  • Oxicom Group

    based in Madrid, SPAIN.

    Oxicom Group

    Oxicom Group He has been a pioneer in specific developments by applying advanced technologies in water treatment. We conducted numerous research projects on specific applications which has led us to earn a great reputation in the market in various ...

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