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  • Rural Transportable Silos

  • Gas Sealed Silos

    Gas Sealed Silos

    Gas sealed silos are recommended for the long term storage of grain. Gas sealed silos protect stored grain by ensuring that effective phosphine or controlled atmosphere fumigation of insect pests can be achieved. Gas tight storage’s can be used as a “hospital” silo for pest eradication of infested grain from non sealed existing storage’s. For further information on the importance of gas sealed silos in the drive to control...

  • Drying Silos

    Drying Silos

    The Kotzur drying silo uses a specially developed and patented drying cone/plenum. The air is forced into this plenum and then passes through the grain mass. Different drying silo models, fan combinations and grain have varying specifications, however the typical airflow is 15-20 litres per second per tonne of grain or a complete change of air in the silo each 25-50 seconds. This airflow is 10-15 times that achieved using conventional aeration. The...

  • KSI Conveyors

    KSI Conveyors

    Kotzur silos has entered into an agreement to sell KSi equipment in Australia. In 2000, the founders of KSi Conveyors Inc. developed a patented, cleated belt technology that outperformed conventional augers and conveyors, moving seed at steeper angles and – most importantly – with very little damage to the seed. Kotzur now make this innovative equipment available to the Australian market with established back up and service Australia...