Masser Oy

Masser Oy is a private company focused to develop and manufacture data collection and measurement systems for foresters. Masser Oy is known worldwide of its innovative measuring principles and instruments. Masser offers largest range of electronic tree calipers from where clients can find suitable product covering measuring needs from willow plantations to tropical forests.

Company details

Jämytie 1 , Rovaniemi , 96910 Finland

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Agriculture - Forestry
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Masser offers largest range of electronic calipers from where clients can find suitable product covering measuring needs from willow plantations to tropical forests.

Since 1987 when Masser Oy introduced the first one-hand operated electronic caliper, the company has produced data collection systems for forest inventory, pre-harvest measurement, log scaling, pile volume calculation, harvester calibration and control measurements.

Masser-calipers, data collectors, inclinometers, basal area calculators and distance measurement devices are designed easy to use in the tough forest environment. Thanks to their rugged design, these instruments will work for years in the rain, dust, cold, heat and other demanding conditions.

All devices can store the data and results are immediately available for use. Data can be transferred to an operative business system for decision making and reporting

Masser milestones

  • 1987 Company was founded by Kari-Pekka Uurtamo, Eero Härkönen and Visa Koskela
  • 1988 Masser 25 one-hand-caliper in serial production for a lumber jack measurement application
  • 1990 Masser 35, 45 and 55 models were introduced for inventory work
  • 1990 Export was started
  • 1993 Sunit Oy became as a major shareholder (80%) and took care of Masser product marketing
  • 1993 Masser 2000 EX was developed as an instrument for log scaling and harvester calibration
  • 1997 Suomen Metsätieto Oy was bought into Savcor Forest- group (earlier Sunit Oy). Metsätieto took responsibility of Masser product marketing and SW- development
  • 1997 Masser 2000 GR was replacing 2000 EX
  • 2004 RC2- basal area calculator
  • 2004 Racal one-hand-caliper family was introduced
  • 2004 Masser Excaliper- platform was introduced and became a base for various OEM-products
  • 2005 RC3- inclinometer with new MASSER I- measuring principle
  • 2005 Masser took over SW-development and marketing of own products
  • 2010 Kari-Pekka Uurtamo became a single owner of the company
  • 2010 Excaliper II- platform was introduced
  • 2011 Masser Sonar- inventory system in serial production
  • 2011 Excaliper HC specially designed for harvester calibration
  • 2012 Masser BT-caliper family introduced for wireless data collection