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Moving Floor Concept has been developed to improve animal welfare, working environment and prevent negative environmental impact. The system provides a totally automatic cleaning that guarantees removal of the manure and slurry out of the stable within two hours. Straw or other types of bedding is automatically refilled continuously. The cleaning and straw refilling intervals can be controlled manually or via a computer. The Moving Floor Concept`s products are approved by the Swedish Board of Agriculture. Tommy Lindvall has devoted the past 20 years to the development of self-cleaning floors and associated equipment. The challenge started already in 1995 with developing self cleaning floors for pigs.

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Liljeholmsbron 6 , Stockholm , Stockholms län 117 39 Sweden

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Moving Floor is a family owned company based on the Swedish island of Gotland. Read below to learn about the inspiration and development of  the Moving Floor Concept, as well as our future aspirations.

To enable a completely automatic system for cleaning and distributing bedding materials in barns and stables.

1995 – Starting point of the development of self cleaning floors for pigs
1997 – First patent approved
2002 - Successful results of trials on Moving Floor for pigs, however the pigs eat the conveyors
2003 - Starting point for Moving Floor for calves
2004 – Installation of calf floor at the Swedish university of Agriculture in Uppsala, Sweden
2006 – The Moving Floor technique approved by Swedish Board of Agriculture
2008 – Moving Floor exhibits at EuroTier, Hannover for the first time
2010 – Development of a complete Moving Floor Concept for Dairy starts
2015 – first complete farm with Moving Floor on all laying areas for the animals

To secure future food demands the world’s livestock needs to increase in numbers but at the same time reducing their environmental impact. Perhaps the most important issue is to reduce antibiotic use in animal breeding. Moving Floor is an important component that contributes with

  • Less use of antibiotics
  • 95% lowered ammonia emission
  • Increased profitability for farmer

Moving Floor is part of a structural change and will contribute to a positive development of the sector. Moving Floor is the last important keystone for the modern barn.