Optigép Machine Manufacturing and Trading Ltd. was established in 1993. 100% of the company is owned by natural persons. Our scope of business is making farm and foresty equipment. We have more than 140 employees. They are experienced in manufacturing and developing our products. We produce and develop machines for sunflower harvesting, intensive outdoor production, using bio energy and making bales from hay and secondary products from flailing. The main group of our products is the OptiSun type sunflower harvesting adapter family which rules the whole Hungarian market. They are very high quality and well designed products. We emphasize the good and fast reliable servicing and parts delivery.

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Békés, Vésztői Str. 1/1 , Békés , H-5630 Hungary

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We registered several patents during the development of our products. Our development procedure is based upon research and measurment results of FVMMI GM Kht. (Non-profit Co. for quality testing of agricultural machineries - HUNGARY Gödöllő). We developed a new version of adapter with integrated offshoot crasher unit in the last few years in cooperation with that intsitution. We used unique solutions during construction. The patented construction and vibrating pan makes it possible to use the adapter at a very low position. The grain loss of the sunflower harvest is considerably reduced this way. Based on our experiences (and in comparison with other machines) by saving grain the price of a 6-row sunflower adapter will be returned after harvesting 350-400 hectares. This is true even more under bad harvesting conditions (plants leaning or infected by fungus).

The harvesting mechanism of our new PSM type sunflower harvesting adapter is identical to OptiSun adapters, having all beneficial properties. A revolutionary new solution is the low-built stalk crusher that offers further benefits for users. It performs the chopping of the stalk in one run with harvesting, and enables immediate tilth after the harvesting. Our PSM type sunflower harvesting adapter with built in shredder unit received a Certificate of Acknowledgment on AGROSALON exhibition held in Nitra in October 2009.

Our sunflower adapters works in Rumania, Slovakia (where we are absolute leaders on the market) Moldova, Serbia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Austria, Russia, Serbia, French, Kanada and the USA.

We developed a corn-harvesting unit with integrated offshoot crasher called OptiCorn in 2007. OptiCorn type corn harvester adapters require minimal maintenance and suitable for harvesting the corn on the cob with big working speed and in excellent work quality. This product has started the path of conquest. There is demand for this products in Rumania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia and USA.

We provide full guarantee for our appliances which are also repaired by us. In case of exporting into foreign countries, the guarantee and service tasks are managed by our reseller partners.

The quality of our products is controlled over ISO 9001 quality checking system and guaranteed by periodic inspections of MGI Gödöllő.