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  • Curtain-Minders

  • CM 5000D

    CM 5000D

    The CM 5000D is the first curtain emergency ventilation control for both tunnel and conventional poultry rearing houses and confinement buildings with curtains or fall out panels. A knob on the front of the Curtain-Minder controls the delay time for releasing the curtain winches. The delay is adjustable between zero and ten minutes. Zero or near zero allows the operator to test the systems and the curtain winching system quickly. Ten minutes may...

  • WK 1510

    WK 1510

    The WK 1510 is a WK 1500 U with a reed switch. The reed switch can be used as an alarm output or for 'Automatic Tunnel Mode' using the CM 5000D. The reed switch is a good safety feature. When the reed switch is wired to the normally closed circuit on your alarm system, anytime the winch opens it sets the alarm off! The WK 1510 is packed standard with the CM 5000D. We feel the WK 1510 is the best choice for your winch kit. We want to provide as much...