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  • Navigational Marking

  • Sealite - Navigational Marking Mooring Buoy

    Sealite - Navigational Marking Mooring Buoy

    Our superb navigational buoy comes with radarreflector and balancing weight and is filled with closed cell foam. Navigation buoy volume: 800 liter Weight complete assembled: 185 kg. Rest buoyancy 615 kg. Skin: PELD, polyethylene low density. Polyuretane filling with 35 kg/m3. Steel Hot dipped Galvanized.

  • Mooring Buoys

    Mooring Buoys

    Our mooring buoys are rotationally moulded polyethylene (LLDPE) with a wall thickness of 8 mm. The buoys are filled with polyurethane foam, a closed cell foam competing out the cheaper polystyrene foam used in mooring or anchor buoys. The filling density of the PU foam is 35 kg/m3. All steel parts are hot dipped galvanized. Our small 90 liter buoy comes with 3 riddled hole options: Ø 40 mm, 50 mm or 90 mm.

  • Mussel-Seed, Mussels & Seaweed

  • SmartUnits - On-Growing Mussels Harvesting Unit

    SmartUnits - On-Growing Mussels Harvesting Unit

    Our nursery, husbandry & harvesting solutions. Mussels/rope-grown bivalves: Collector-cleaning ahead of new spat settlement. Natural settlement or Seeding spat from hatchery. Control density. Reduce predators & fouling: Starfish, tunicates, barnacles, annelid worm, other fauna and flora. Gentle harvesting with minimum stress & breakage.

  • Oyster, Clamps & Scallops

  • Husbandry Cleaning Machines

    Husbandry Cleaning Machines

    Machinery for efficient operations with minimum use of resources. It’s custom-designed for Smart Farm’s unique farming system, an excellent tool for efficient operation with a minimum use of resources. The machine may be delivered as a pure cleaning / husbandry machine or also to harvest rope-grown species like mussels or seaweed. In operation the machine is closed over the Unit, cleaning or husbandry operations can then commence.