VEGEPOLYS is a competitiveness cluster gathering together firms, research and training centres in the plant field around some innovative projects to strengthen the firms` competitiveness. Born in the Pays de la Loire territory, the French State granted this ` competitiveness cluster` label to VEGEPOLYS in July 2005 because of its unique concentration of firms, laboratories and schools in Europe. In 2014, VEGEPOLYS was granted the Gold `Proven for Cluster Excellence` label by the ECEI (European Excellence Initiative). As the tenth cluster to get it, this label is granted until November 2016, date when the cluster will be audited again. This label rewards VEGEPOLYS`s actions and will increase its international recognition in order to support the European partnerships, projects and funding.

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26, rue Jean Dixmeras , Angers Cedex 1 , France 49066 France

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)
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A 'Pôle de compétitivité' (French competitive cluster) is in a given area, an association of companies, research centers and training organisations committed to a partnership approach aimed at creating synergies within jointly-run innovative projects. The governement and regional authorities allocate a special budget to collaborative research projects approved by these clusters.

Located in the Pays de la Loire, VEGEPOLYS has been recognised in France as the international plant cluster.

VEGEPOLYS is based on an unique concentration of organisations operatings in the plant word :

  • Ornamental horticulture
  • Fruit & vegetable growing
  • Seeds
  • Wine growing
  • Medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Mushrooms
  • Cider
  • Tobacco
  • around the plant workd in upstream and downstream processes.

The cluster brings together companies involved directly and indirectly in plant growing with trade associations, unions, and development bodies as well as local chambers of trade and commerce.

Its goal is to become a world reference for innovation in the world of plants.

  • 8 branches
  • 450 researchers and teaching researchers
  • 30,000 jobs
  • 4,000 companies
  • 25 higher training courses
  • 2,500 students

A unique force in Europe

VEGEPOLYS is founded on a historical tradition of production in the Pays de la Loire region of France.

The pedoclimatic conditions in the region and the vitality and know-how of its companies have attracted national and local government support for several decades, enabling the region to become the leader in the specialised plants field.

The Pays de la Loire region is alone in Europe in bringing together in a single geographical area both private enterprise and public research and training establishment a major European force in the plant world, on which VEGEPOLYS is based.

As a competitive cluster with worldwide reach, VEGEPOLYS is open to the world, is developing its own international network and making partnerships with other French and non-French clusters.


VEGEPOLYS's ambition is to become the world reference cluster regarding production (creation and culture practices) of specialized plants respecting both environment and health.

TWO MAJOR OBJECTIVES to meet the society's stakes:

·To create plants generating a weaker consumption of inputs and impacts more in favour of biodiversity, health and environment. ·To create different plants which will open new markets and will thus improve the competitiveness of the cluster's companies.