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Composting Plants equipment for Composting

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    BHS - Dual Aspirator Skid (DAS)

    The BHS Dual Aspirator Skid (DAS) is the ideal solution for composting operations. This field-proven technology removes film plastic from screened compost through extremely efficient density separation, producing clean organic streams with minimal product loss. The DAS produces a mid-size fraction of clean organics (wood/compost) and can achieve 99.9% compost purity. Its compact skid-mounted ...

    By Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) based in Eugene, OREGON (USA). from Compost and Organics Product line

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    ERG - Odour Control for Composting Facilities

    Building on our experience of sewage and food industry odour control, ERG is also now a leading provider of odour control systems for large municipal composting facilities. With major reference plants in the UK and Eire, including at some of the largest waste composting plants constructed, ERG offers systems which reliably treat the odour from 

    By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Odour Control Product line

  • Compost Plant

    Each year, A3 design and build a number of compost plants around Thailand.  These plants are built to recover recyclables for sale, producing compost as fertilizer, and reduce the amount of wastes going into Landfill.  They are one of the most economical ways to invest and operate as compared to Landfill. Wastes enters the plant comes from household, it is unsorted type.  The plant ...

    By Association of 3 Co., Ltd. based in Bangkhuntien, THAILAND. from Solid Waste Equipment Product line

  • Komptech - Model Primus - Hydraulic Central Axle Trailer Screen

    For higher throughput needs, the Primus is the next step up. Designed as a tandem central axle trailer, the Primus not only has 172 ft2 / 16 m² of effective screening area, it also offers a screen length able to handle big jobs. Heavy-duty components, manually folding discharge belts, the hydraulic drum drive via roller chain "drum grip" and a fuel-efficient diesel unit give this machine an ...

    By Komptech Americas, LLC based in Denver, COLORADO (USA). from Screening Products Product line

  • Frontier - Model F-Series - Self-Propelled Compost Windrow Turners

    These windrow turners are industrial machines. No other turner compares to Frontier's strength, durability, reliability and 24/7 ...

    By Frontier Industrial Corp. based in Lyons, OREGON (USA). from Composting Equipment Product line

  • HCL - Model CT-10 - Windrow Compost Turner

    The model CT-10 windrow compost turner is a rugged and dependable pull-type machine. The CT-10 can easily be towed on public highways by folding in the outer wing and removing the outer gage wheel. The CT-10 can also be disassembled quickly for long-haul transportation. With an output capacity of 1,500-1,700 cubic yards per hour, the CT-10 is the preferred machine for sites producing less than ...

    By HCL Machine Works based in Dos Palos, CALIFORNIA (USA). from HCL 10 and 12 Compost Turners Product line

  • Rock - Model 0-3-0 - Phosphate

    Most soils are deficient of Phosphorus, therefore, to obtain superior quality of produce its addition to soil is must. ROCK PHOSPHATE is a good organic source of Phosphorus (P) and contains fair amount of wide range of minerals. It helps in building stronger root system, especially in roses. Its addition to compost enriches it with valuable nutrients for plants ...

    By AG Global LLC based in Collingwood, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Agricultural - Granular Fertilizer Product line

  • Organix PowerPlant - Horticultural Compost

    Produced from washed dairy manure solids, PowerPlant has become one of the Northwest’s most sought after composts. Over 100 wholesale customers in the region utilize PowerPlant in their mixes and landscape supply offerings. Properties like low salt, excellent nutrient value and fluffy consistency make it a gardener’s dream. ...

    By Organix, Inc. based in Walla, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Enterra Whole Dried Larvae

    Enterra Whole Dried Larvae are a natural and sustainable source of protein and fat that can be blended into feeds or fed directly to chickens, birds, reptiles and other ...

    By Enterra Feed Corporation based in Langley, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Shunxin - Compost Mulcher

    The compost mulcher is suitable for pulverizing organic raw materials with water content below 30% and inorganic raw materials with water content below 12%. The crushing chamber of the mulcher for compost adopts vertical variable diameter structure, and the built-in removable wear-resistant lining plate. It Fis a belt driving vertical hammer mill for compost materials processing. For your compost ...

    By Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd based in Xingyang , Zhengzhou City, CHINA. from Precompost Product line

  • Willbald - Model TBU Series - Mobile Compost Turners

    The absolutely precise, vertical restacking of the material ensures such a good mixing of inner and outer windrow-layers that after a rapid compost ripeness there arises a thoroughly homogeneous end product of the highest quality. Our mobile compost turner for 3-point linkage of/ for   a tractor with a minimum of 130 HP engine allows a „turning speed“ with 5 km/h and ...

    By J Willibald GmbH based in Sentenhart, GERMANY. from Compost Turners Product line

  • Plant Engineering / Composting

    The composting process is only one method of the biological bio-waste treatment and can be accomplished with many of technological solutions. The technology determinates in particular: the period needed to obtain the required material’s parameters, emission rate, plant influence on the environment, operating costs. The composting technology chosen properly allows for the humus production that can ...

    By Sutco Polska Sp. z o.o. based in Katowice, POLAND.

  • Hotrot - Sludge Composting Systems

    HotRot’s fully enclosed, small footprint, composting system lends itself to composting of biosolids on-site at the wastewater or sewage treatment plant. Both primary and secondary sludge can be composted but material should be dewatered or solar-thickened as much as possible. A HotRot sludge composting system can be integrated seamlessly into the operations of a wastewater treatment plant. ...

    By Global Composting Solutions Ltd (HotRot) based in Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Compost Storage - Waste Buildings - Waste Management Fabric Buildings

    Compost storage and waste management with less odor, Milestones compost fabric buildings provide optimum decomposition and no runoff to wetlands. Our compost fabric buildings provide compost that is balance controlled, has abundant natural light and air flow. Our waste fabric buildings for waste management eliminate environmental concerns, reducing risk of contaminated runoff into ponds, streams ...

    By Milestones Building and Design based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Model 12-0-0 - Feather Meal Granular Fertilizer

    Feather Meal 12-0-0 organic fertilizer is high in nitrogen, steamed and powdered, yet slow-releasing for healthier plants.  It is an ideal fertilizer for most leafy green vegetables, corn, brassicas, fall sown cover crops and for heating up compost piles. Mix this product with your soil before planting for best ...

    By AG Global LLC based in Collingwood, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Agricultural - Granular Fertilizer Product line

  • In-Vessel Composting

    From waste to compost: Agrivert’s in-vessel composting (IVC) plant is a practical, sustainable and efficient waste management solution. It harnesses the natural composting process to convert problematic waste into a valuable soil conditioner. The resulting compost is rich in nutrients and humus, and is free from potentially harmful ...

    By Agrivert Ltd. based in Chipping Norton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Technology & Equipment Product line

  • Aeromaster - Model TE-500 - Compost Tea Extraction System

    Compost tea or compost extract, is an economical way to deliver many of the benefits of high-quality compost efficiently and effectively. Compost tea made with the TE-500 is a water-based extraction of the humic substances and microbes from high-quality compost. A food source is also added to the compost tea to stimulate microbial activity and reproduction. High-quality compost tea is a source of ...

    By Midwest Bio-Systems based in Tampico, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • SOL - Compost Making Plant

    Compost-making is an oxidisation biological process that makes it possible to recycle the organic part present in most of the waste produced by human activities, adopting the same mechanisms that in nature regulate the cycle of material. In time, the biodegradable organic matter is attacked by various types of micro-organisms, which produce a biologically stable material called compost, ...

    By SOL Spa based in Monza (MB), ITALY. from Ecology & Environment Product line

  • PVFM - Model M550 - Mulchers

    Applications: Medium to Heavy Duty Forestry, Land Clearing, Site preparation, Composting. Functions: Brash reduction, Tree stump grinding, Processing material with no limit in size, Commercial land clearing, Grinding standing trees, Recreating tracks, Clearing power lines and pipeline tracks. Commercial mulching in forestry plantations, Soil preparation for new ...

    By Paul Vidgen Forest Machines Ltd based in Ascot, UNITED KINGDOM. from PTO Mulchers Product line

  • Compost Systems

    Through the years, intensive agricultural, urban development, and poor environmental practices have altered soils over the entire earth.  In many areas, organic and humus levels have declined by greater than 90%, microbial populations (bacteria and fungi) have become unbalanced, lower porosity has negatively impacted moisture retention, alkaline seeps have become common and/or have increased ...

    By BacTee Systems, Inc. based in Grand Forks, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Systems Product line

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