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Barley Farming equipment for Crop Cultivation

  • SweetPro - Model II - Net wt 250 lbs (114 kg) - Starter Blocks

    SweetPro Sheep Block II is a recommended product for Sheep in tougher forage conditions.

    By SweetPro based in Walhalla, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Sheep Product line

  • SweetPro - Model Net wt 50 lbs (22.68 kg) - Low Copper Sheep Meal

    A unique new supplement to stimulate intake (with an ethyl-alcohol edge) and support feed efficiency with yeast, functional enzymes and other fermentation metabolites. Sheep Meal is available in a low copper version for sheep.

    By SweetPro based in Walhalla, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Sheep Product line

  • Audit - Model 1:1 - Herbicide

    AUDIT 1:1 is the dependable first choice for post-emergence control of broadleaf weeds. AUDIT 1:1 provides consistent control on the toughest broadleaf weeds. Working against Canada thistle, pigweed, lamb’s-quarters, mustards and other post-emergence broadleaf weeds, AUDIT 1:1 also provides flexible crop ...

    By Arysta LifeScience Corporation based in NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Herbicide Product line

  • Fodder Solutions - Model FS - Sprouting Barley

    Fodder Solutions realises the importance of sourcing the right grain to ensure that we get the absolute best quality fodder. One of the biggest (and most expensive) mistakes farmers make is to purchase grain because it is perceived to be ‘cheap’. The problem is, it may be inexpensive however if it does not germinate at 90% or more, it ...

    By Fodder Solutions based in Burleigh Heads, AUSTRALIA.

  • Cereal Seed Drilling

    The drilling of cereals, O.S.R., barley, grass etc., is done using one of the four drills operated by the Contracting business, from a new 8m Sumo versadrill, which has leading tines working at set depths, greatly increasing root structure.  This is highlighted effectively in the establishment of O.S.R.

    By Burden Bros based in Kent, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Mobile Continuous Grain Dryer

    The UK’s best selling continuous grain drier, now radically re-engineered gives you these unique benefits

    By Alvan Blanch Development Company Limited based in Wiltshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Grain Drying and Ventilation Product line

  • Reichhardt Minibatt+ - Sample Harvester

    The Minibatt is a mini-harvester that will save you time and money. For harvesting small grains like wheat, barley, oats, rye, milo, canola, and medicinal plants or spices.

    By Reichhardt GmbH based in Hungen, GERMANY.

  • Gandy - Model 09PDMSLL - 100-lb. Capacity Multi-Purpose Poly Stainless Applicator

    Gandy's 2.3 cu. ft. Poly Stainless Multi-Purpose hopper allows you to apply fertilizer, granular chemical, seed and small grains. Applicator comes complete with Lock 'n Load valve. The 120-lb. capacity hopper (60-lbs. per cu. ft. capacity) includes four each: full-rate black metering wheels for granular chemicals and small seeds like alfalfa, ...

    By Gandy Company based in Owatonna, MINNESOTA (USA). from Multi-Purpose Fertilizer/Chemical/Seed Applicators Product line

  • Superior - Model SH10000 CS - Bruisers Crimpers & Mill-Mixers

    Superheavyweight Series 10000 Contractors Special Standard equipment includes.48 ins x 12 ins dia precision balanced rollers.3 ins dia EN24T shafts with double row roller bearings.3 tonne nominal capacity loading hopper. 12ft x 8ft.Heavy duty chain & flight discharge elevator with hydraulic positioning.Heavy duty chassis with 60mm unbraked ...

    By Superior Machines Ltd based in East Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Degelman Pro-Till - Model 33/40 - Tillage Equipment

    Introducing Pro-Till by Degelman. The fastest and most versatile piece of tillage equipment you will ever own. Pro-Till® shreds heavy fall residue, opens up spring fields, levels ruts, destroys clods and produces an absolutely perfect seed bed. Pro-Till® is your single tool for tillage.

    By Degelman Industries Ltd based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Tillage Product line

  • Min-Till Air Seeders

    Designed originally to offer lower cost single pass crop establishment in the wheat [small grains] areas of the W. Cape the EQUALIZER Air Seeder is now a proven market leader in the whole small grains agricultural sectors of South Africa extending from the rain fed areas of the W. Cape to the irrigated crops of the northern states

    By Theebo Tech based in Western Cape, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Model 8900H - Cone Bottom Auger Unloader

    For High Moisture GrainsThe Harvestore 8900H bottom unloader provides Harvestore owners with a very reliable, low maintenance, high value unloader to accompany Harvestore's high moisture grain storage units.

    By Ontario Harvestore Systems based in Innerkip, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Dairymans Edge - Model Pro - Nutritional Tool

    DAIRYMAN’S EDGE PRO is a nutritional tool designed to maintain and improve rumen function. It is engineered to help improve a dairy cow’s overall gastrointestinal efficiency regardless of her lactation stage. This is the next ‘evolution’ in a tried and tested line of dairy supplements. When feeding lactating dairy cows, a ...

    By Renaissance Nutrition, Inc. based in Roaring Spring, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Flo-More - High-Efficiency Stainless-Steel Steam Chests

    Flo-More High-Efficiency Stainless-Steel Steam Chests steam condition grains such as corn, milo (sorghum), wheat and barley in Flaking Operations for Feed & Food Production.  Models available to process from 2 to 50 tons per hour and fabricated in any height to match the capabilities of your Flaking Mill.

    By Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing, Inc. based in Hereford, TEXAS (USA).

  • Murska - Model W-Max 20 - Crimping Mills

    Murska W-Max is a power mill, designed to meet the user’s every need. W-Max will achieve almost 60 tonnes/hour (maize) performance at low energy need. The new grinding crimping technology gives perfect results.

    By Aimo Kortteen Konepaja Oy based in Ylivieska, FINLAND. from Murska Mills Product line

  • Agridry - Model Goliath Series - Grain Dryer

    The Goliath series of dryers are a cascading mixed continuous flow dryer that are capable of delivering throughput of up to 36 tonnes per hour. The Goliath series is the ultimate cascading continuous flow bulk commodity dryer. These units are capable of delivering impressive drying performance at high volumes for a range of flowable commodities. ...

    By Agridry International Ltd. based in Toowoomba, AUSTRALIA. from Grain Dryers Product line

  • Model R950M - Single Roller Mill Bagger

    These machines offer the possibility of ensiling moist grain by crimping the grain and storing it in a bag, all done in one single movement. Besides being a uniquely palatable and digestible concentrate that preserves the grain’s original nutrients, fermented grain (e.g., corn, barley, sorghum, wheat, etc) keeps exceptionally well in bags ...

    By Richiger S.A. based in Sunchales, ARGENTINA. from Roller Mill Baggers Product line

  • Maxi Harrows

    The Maxi-Harrow's unique tines link together to form an immensely strong and flexible chain to remove buried residue from the soil and level the ground.For most applications, one pass with the Maxi-Harrow prepares a seedbed on minimum-till land, even where surface residue is heavy. In wet years, the Maxi-Harrow has been used successfully for ...

    By Rite Way Mfg. Co. Ltd. based in Imperial, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Harrow Product line

  • Two-row Reaper Binder

    EMAIL: amisyfarmingmachine@gmail.comWEBSITE: www.farming-machine.comWhatspp:+86 15038394010With more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing the reaper binder and high reputation from our customers around the world, we supply the excellent two-row reaper binder to cutting and bundling the low stem crops like wheat, rice, barley and oats, etc ...

    By Amisy Farming Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA. from Paddy/Wheat Harvester Product line

  • Soilmaster - Stem Collecting and Straw Machine

    Functions of the Stem Collecting and Straw Machine under the brand Soilmaster is collecting and strawing automatically the stem of wheat,barley,oat,rye,soy beans,corn, etc. After harvesting of the grain by combine harvester and which is put to the field as a series or cluster of leaves, these stems are collecting automatically by this machine and ...

    By Soilmaster Agricultural Machinery based in Selçuklu, TURKEY. from Hay Equipments Product line

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