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  • Maxi-Stirrer System
    Showcase Product

    Maxi-Stirrer System

    By Harvest Installations

    Harvest Maxi Stirrers are at the heart of the Harvest High Temperature Drying System. Built into new high tech crop stores they offer high drying rates for all combinable crops. System design matches fans to the Harvest ...

  • Grain Drying Fans
    Showcase Product

    Grain Drying Fans

    By Welvent Ltd

    Welvent offer over a huge range of axial and centrifugal fans to suit your exact requirements. The most important component of any crop store is the fan, it is the engine or the heart of the system. Air movement is ...

  • Precise Plant Temperature Sensor
    Showcase Product

    Precise Plant Temperature Sensor

    By HortiMaX B.V.

    HortiMaX’s plant temperature sensor allows you to accurately measure the temperature of your crop. The PT sensor measures the temperature of a representative number of plants in an area of 5 to 10m2. Since the ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • RE Buildings Limited

    RE Buildings Limited

    R.E. Buildings is a leading provider of specialist steel framed agricultural buildings, equipment and machinery. Established in 1989, R.E. Buildings ...

  • Ben Burgess & Co. Ltd.

    Ben Burgess & Co. Ltd.

    Ben Burgess has been serving the Norfolk and Suffolk farming community since 1932 and supplying horticultural machines since 1962. We began supplying ...

  • Robydome Ltd

    Robydome Ltd

    Founded in 1976, the company was set up to design and manufacture a pioneering control system for farm equipment which was succesfully patented. This ...

  • Concept Grain Systems Ltd

    Concept Grain Systems Ltd

    Concept Grain Systems was founded in 1997 to provide a professional full turn-key operation to both local and outlying farming and industrial ...

  • Bennett & Co (Crop Storage Engineering) Ltd

    Bennett & Co (Crop Storage Engineering) Ltd

    Mike Bennett, who wholly owns Bennett & Co (Crop Storage Engineering) Ltd, started the company in 1998. Mike has had over thirty years’ experience of ...