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  • Garlic Splitter
    Showcase Product

    Garlic Splitter

    By J.J.Broch, S.L

    The separation and classification of the cloves is the first step for a uniform, regular plantation. High work output allows for the amount shelled to be adapted to the rhythm of the plantation.

  • Small Garlic Splitter
    Showcase Product

    Small Garlic Splitter

    By ERME

    A hopper with a slatted conveyor belt feeds the machine. The garlic bulbs are split into bulblets between two belts, the distance between the belts can be adjusted.A suction extractor removes the skins after splitting. ...

  • Garlic Sprayer Machine
    Showcase Product

    Garlic Sprayer Machine

    By Maquinaria Zocapi S.L.

    Static machine for chemical application before planting. Optionally a turbine for extraction of impurities can be placed.

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  • USA Garlic Machinery

    Supply Garlic Technology and packaging.USA exclusive supplier for JJ Broch, Rainbow Harvest and Tecmar.The best bulb planter machinery, mechanical ...

  • J.J.Broch, S.L

    J.J.Broch, S.L

    J.J.Broch, S.L Specialized in Garlic Crop and Garlic Processing since more than 15 years. A complete range of tools which help to optimize the costs ...