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  • With Tomatoes, Less Is More

    As you round the final bend of Road 95 through the groves of walnut and almond trees, it would be easy to miss Muller Ranch, but for the cluster of pickup trucks circling the driveway. Yet amidst these swaying Yolo County orchards sits a stunning third-generation, family-owned farm, thriving with several thousand acres of processing tomatoes, specialty peppers, corn, wheat, canola, cucumbers, ...

  • Case Study - Onion and Garlic Dehydration Plant

    Empire, Washoe County, Nevada, USA Geothermal Development Associates (GDA) designed a geothermal heating system for a large commercial vegetable dehydration plant located in the remote San Emidio ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Garlic Splitter

    Garlic Splitter

    The separation and classification of the cloves is the first step for a uniform, regular plantation. High work output allows for the amount shelled to be adapted to the rhythm of the plantation.