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  • Grain Drying
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    Grain Drying

    By BK Grain Handling Engineers

    BK Grain are specialists in grain drying, with in-house expertise and close links with equipment manufacturers to provide the best grain drying solution.

  • Silo Vent
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    Silo Vent

    By Silo Ventilation Systems

    Silo Vent is an energy efficient unit with a wind driven ventilator. The heat, humidity and condensation are drawn out through the ventilator, while stabilising the internal temperature of the stored grain. Silo Vent ...

  • Hopper Silos
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    Hopper Silos

    By KAM - George Xouris Ltd.

    Hopper Silos are produced in a variety of different sizes ranging from 5m3 to 190m3. Because of their design they can be used not only in agriculture but generally in industry. Our main aim is to always respond to our ...

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  • CYTC


    CYTC is known as a specialist in grain monitoring system. We supply complete range of products, softwares, and knowledge supports. CYTC has a strong ...

  • Shivvers Manufacturing, Inc.

    Shivvers Manufacturing, Inc.

    For 50 years, Shivvers has led the grain drying industry with Continuous Counter-Flow Drying technology, designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. ...

  • CJSC SelEnergo

    CJSC SelEnergo

    Closed Joint Stock Company SelEnergo (CJSC SelEnergo) is a legal successor of RaiAgroPromEnergo, an interfarm production-and-maintenance enterprise ...

  • Watkins & Sons Manufacturing, Inc.

    Watkins & Sons Manufacturing, Inc.

    Watkins & Sons Manufacturing, Inc. was started in 1976 as a sole proprietorship by Nathan L. Watkins, Sr. under the name of Watkins Manufacturing ...

  • Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing, Inc.

    Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing, Inc.

    Known worldwide as the premier systems innovator in Steam Flaking Technologies, Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing, Inc. is one of the most respected ...