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    The alumina abrasive having a microcrystalline structure obtained by the gel method is called the ceramic grains. Through special processing, each grain has thousands of tiny crystals. This structure brings the very good self-sharpness performance of the grains, which can continuously reveal new and sharp cutting edges.RIKEN RMC Ceramic grains are very dense, rough, strong and sharp. When worn, ...


    The film backing is waterproof and oil resistant, polyester film isn't easy to be damaged and the surface is more smooth. For the concave and convex surface, the abrasive film will have a good job. ...


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    Grain Extractors

    Tridekon has been developing and testing grain bag extracting machines since 2008 – the Grain Boss 13” and 16” grain bag unloader models are a result of 4 years of rigorous in the field development. Tridekon are proud to provide customers with the Grain Boss, which is not only the fastest extractors on the market, but one of the most well priced grain bag unloaders. Resulting ...