Harvesting Systems

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  • Timing Is Everything When It Comes to Grain Cart Operation

    During the busy harvest season, the last thing you want to see is a combine sitting with a full grain tank because of mistakes made by the grain cart operator.Unfortunately, all too often, farmers encounter:Difficulty finding qualified grain cart operatorsProblems communicating with the grain cart operatorGrain cart operator not understanding which part of the field t

  • Root vegetables harvest and farm development

    Root vegetables seasonThe autumn start is the time when vegetable producers have a lot of work. A collection of vegetables begins. Tension and nerves are often associated with it. All because the ...


  • BEI demise spurs race to fill blueberry harvester void

    When BEI International, a South Haven, Michigan, agriculture equipment supplier, went defunct last April, it left several growers throughout the country without their promised harvesting equipment and parts, and with little hope of recouping their ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Self Propelled Harvester

    Self Propelled Harvester

    VICTOR PREMIUM is model of specialized self-propelled harvester for professional harvesting of currants, gooseberry and aronia. The harvester is perfectly suitable for plantations of area from 30-40 hectares to several hundred hectares. PREMIUM model in standard is equipped with panoramic, air-conditioned and soundproofing cabine. Most of control elements are located on the armrest, right at the ...