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Insect Pest Control equipment for Crop Cultivation

  • Harvesting Totes

    Harvesting Totes contribute to greater efficiency by protecting quality, saving time and enhancing the bottom line. Rather than transferring produce from container to container, which can cause bruising and reduce the value of a harvest, Harvesting Totes allow produce to be harvested, stored and transported in one container. Several sizes are ...

    By Adapt8 Inc based in Salem, OREGON (USA). from Boxes and Totes Product line

  • Easy Way - Brush Oiler

    A uniquely constructed combination of the cattle oiler bursh with a curtain inside the brush, to spread the insecticide evenly over the full length of the brush. Your cattle will love it!  As they rub, the insecticide is applied evenly.  It will keep them clean and well gloomed, and helps control flies, lice, ticks, and all other ...

    By Easy Way Cattle Care based in Decorah, IOWA (USA).

  • Plough Shear Mixer

    Ideal for mixing or homogenisation of dry or slightly wet materials or pastes. The paddle rotor energetically stirs the recipe to obtain a homogenous mixture in a minimum amount of time.  Characterised by a very energetic mixing process, this mixer is equipped with paddles or ploughs affixed onto a rotating shaft. They are shaped and directed ...

    By Lessines Industries SA based in Péruwelz, BELGIUM. from Mixing Product line

  • Plastic Nine Feet Pallet For Warehousing

    By taking pallets will improve the efficient of logistics, warehousing much and better to protect the cargo loaded. The advantage of plastic pallets compare to the wood ones are repairable, recycable, moisture proof, no decay, no need fumigation, better integrality. Can be made in different colors for different industries or purposes. With ...

    By Zhejiang Xinding Plastic Co., Ltd. (XDPC) based in Taizhou City, CHINA. from Plactic Pallet Product line

  • Foreverest - Model 99% - γ Terpinene

    Used for fungicides and insecticide. The plant diseases include powdery mildew, early blight,. The target pests may include Spodoptera littoralis, Aphis fabae, Hemiptera, Aphididae, Lepidoptera, Noctuidae.

    By Foreverest Resources Ltd. based in Xiamen, CHINA. from Feed Additive Ingredients Product line

  • Bug Ban - Model 4350 - Personal Insect Repellent

    BUG BAN is an EPA registered personal insect repellent that contains 14.25% DEET for effective repelling action against disease-carrying insects. It repels mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks, and biting flies. The unique valve allows product to be sprayed in any position. 12 - 8 oz cans/case, 6 oz net weight H-1, F-2, R-1, P-A.

    By QuestSpecialty Corporation based in Brenham, TEXAS (USA). from Insecticides and Herbicides Product line

  • Irritory - Anti-Insect Net

    Anti-Insect Net as HDPE/PET plastic fine screening netting, Its mesh structure offering effective protection from insects. The mesh structure provides excellent light transmission and allows good airflow. Insect net is widely used in the cultivation of vegetable and flowers.

    By Irritory based in Jinan, CHINA. from Agriculture Net Product line

  • Piperonyl Butoxide Synergist

    Piperonyl Butoxide, or PBO, is a synergist. It inhibits mixed function oxidases (MFO) of the insect so that its natural detoxification system is blocked and the efficacy of applied insecticides is increased. PBO is used mainly to synergize sodium channel modulators such as pyrethrum and pyrethroids. PBO is arguably the most used synergist in the ...

    By Central Life Sciences based in Council Bluffs, IOWA (USA).

  • Organic - Organic Plant Feed Fertilizers

    Organic Plant Feed can be considered a refined version of compost tea.  As we know, compost tea is ‘brewed’ by aerating a mixture of water, compost (sometimes humus or worm castings) and organic nutrients such as molasses, kelp, fish emulsion, etc.

    By Organic Plant Feed Fertilizer based in SINGAPORE. from Fertilizers & Pesticides Product line

  • Etofenprox Low Toxicity Pyrethroid

    Etofenprox is a very effective, low toxicity pyrethroid that acts on the nervous system of insects by disrupting their neuron sodium channels. Etofenprox is a contact-kill adulticide used to control a wide variety of insects including weevils, beetles, aphids, moths, whiteflies, thrips, borers, fleas and mosquitoes. Etofenprox is well tolerated by ...

    By Central Life Sciences based in Council Bluffs, IOWA (USA).

  • PREV-AM - Insecticide, Fungicide and Miticide

    PREV-AM is a 3-in-1 insecticide, fungicide and miticide. It is a contact pesticide that can be applied throughout the season without the danger of resistance build-up and is perfect for controlling pre-harvest insect and disease infestations.

    By ORO AGRI based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Non-Adjuvant Products Product line

  • Model 70%WS - Imidacloprid

    Type of formulation: Imidacloprid 70%WS. Seeds Treatment: Systemic Pesticide. Contact and Stomach Poison. Control Sucking and Biting Insects.

    By Sunfarm Agrochemicals Ltd based in Shushan District, CHINA. from Seeds Treatment Product line

  • Eastchem - Acephate Insecticide

    Product name: Acephate 97%TC. Use: Acephate is used to control of a wide range of chewing and sucking insects, mites, on vegetable, tea, tobacco, fruit (including citrus), cotton, rice, wheat, rape and other crops. CAS No.: 30560-19-1.

    By Eastchem co., Ltd based in Changzhou, CHINA.

  • Harwell - Model TM - Grain Bags

    Grain bags of TM 'Harwell' serve an alternative for grain and silo storage. When storing grain in bags you get such advantages as minimum one-time expenses, the possibility to store and sort grain in its own territory. The technology - storage of grain in the airtight environment in the anaerobic condition, achieved by a dense loading of grain in ...

    By Planet Plastic LLC based in Kyiv Region, UKRAINE. from Other Products Product line

  • EverGreen - Model 100 - Synergized ULV Concentrate

    EverGreen 100 Synergized ULV Concentrate Synergized oil-based fogging concentrate ideal for indoor or outdoor use. EverGreen 100 contains pyrethrins extracted from chrysanthemum flowers – a powerful, botanical insecticide. Labeled for use indoors and out where animals are present.

    By McLaughlin Gormley King Company (MGK) based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA). from Livestock and Poultry - Dairy Product line

  • Acetamiprid - Systemic Insecticide

    Systemic insecticide with translaminar activity and with contact and stomach action. Control a wide spectrum of insect pests, e.g. aphids, Colorado beetles, thrips, Lepidoptera larvae, Coleoptera larvae and adults. Used in cereals, hops, ornamentals, potatoes, vegetables, cotton, tea, and other crops. Provide good control of insect-born plant ...

    By Terrastek (Shenzhen) Ltd based in Shenzhen, CHINA. from Insecticides Product line

  • STERISOIL - Agri-Soil & Plants

    STERISOIL was specially developed for the preparation and treatment of beds before planting. STERISOIL replace products like bromide that are dangerous to work with as well as harmful to the environment. STERISOIL is environmentally friendly and safe for humans, animals and plants. STERISOIL can be used in many applications. STERISOIL will kill ...

    By Gauteng Environmental Services (GES) based in Hatfield, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Crop Protection Technology

    Crop protection technology is becoming increasingly complex. It’s important to understand in modern agriculture the entire effect of every product used on your crops. Making it even more complicated, you also have to think about the interaction of multiple crop protection products applied in the same field. We're here to work with you ...

    By Crop Production Services (CPS) based in Loveland,, COLORADO (USA).

  • Drosal - Cup Trap System

    Cup trap system for monitoring and mass trapping Spotted-Wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii). The Drosal cup trap system was developed by the RIGA company in scientific collaboration with the Swiss research institute Agroscope Changings und Conthey (ACW) and has been successfully used by leading Swiss berry producers on berry crops for 3 years ...

    By Andermatt Biocontrol AG based in Grossdietwil, SWITZERLAND. from Diverse Products - Monitoring Systems Product line

  • PyGanic - Gardening

    PyGanic Gardening is an organically compliant, broad-spectrum contact insecticide that offers gardeners peace of mind with its rapid kill of unwanted insects. With a variety of application methods, this flexible spray solution is ideal for use by residential gardeners.

    By McLaughlin Gormley King Company (MGK) based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA). from Crop Protection Product line

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