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  • Wide Area Mowing with 50HP

    Wide Area Mowing with 50HP

    When mounted on a compact tractor, the 4m Major Swift trailed roller mower delivers performance, efficiency and reliability for the dedicated team of groundskeepers at Blundell’s School in Devon If you were to look back through the annals of history, at the time of the passing of Queen Elizabeth 1st, just before Guy Fawkes was condemned for trying to blow up Parliament and, when the now ...


  • Farmers Journal Cyclone Test

    Farmers Journal Cyclone Test

    Manufactured in Co Mayo, the heartbeat of machinery engineering in the west, we recently got our hands on a Major Cyclone rotary mower. With the prolonged spell of dry weather, farmers all over the country have been very busy draining and reclaiming ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Flail Mowers and Shredders

    Flail Mowers and Shredders

    Designed for use in orchards, on berry-bush plantations and in other agricultural applications connected with shredding grass, weeds, branches. Robust and durable construction, high quality, a wide range of models suitable to different power tractor.