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Soil Organic Matter equipment for Crop Cultivation

  • Green Compost - Model 10mm - Soil Improver

    Suitable for Improving & conditioning heavy or poor soils Blending with soils to produce soil dressings Top-dressing lawns and sports pitches Planting trees & shrubs.

    By KPS Composting Ltd based in Scaynes Hill, UNITED KINGDOM. from Garden Products Product line

  • Quality Mulch

    Sometimes the characteristics that make for quality mulch are in the eye of the beholder because appearance is often the dominating factor when choosing mulch. However, costs of typical pine, hemlock, and cedar mulches have increased sharply in recent years, and therefore people are beginning to rethink why they want these mulches. And they're ...

    By Agresource, Inc. based in Amesbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Clematis Sugar-Sweet Blue

    An amazing new hybrid from Holland with the fragrance of gardenias! Loads of periwinkle blue, strongly scented flowers adorn this new variety in late spring.

    By Brushwood Nursery based in Athens, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • LomBio - Containing Humic and Fulvic Acids

    % 15 w/w organic fertilizer is containing Humic and Fulvic Acids in liquid form with leonardite. Lom'bio is a organic product what is cotaining Humic + Fulvic Acids % 15(>) in liquid form with leonardite. It is availabled in all kinds of agricultural production (greenhouse, field crops, industrial crops, orcharding, ornamental plants etc.). It ...

    By Makro Tarim Limited Company based in Dosemealti / Antalya, TURKEY. from Liquid Products Product line

  • Model T Series 90 to 160 HP - Tractors With Rear Roller

    An important application for this tiller with rear roller is to bury wood chips by tilling 2 to 3 inches deep. The roller then slightly compacts and smooths out the orchard floor. The wood chips will decompose at a faster rate and the rolled out area is then in better condition for the harvesters. The University of California Cooperative Extension ...

    By Gearmore, Inc. based in Chino, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Tillers Product line

  • Titan Pro - Model TPHW 21 - Self Propelled Petrol 180cc Rotary Lawn Mower

    Titan-Pro are pleased to bring you our latest award winning design of the 20' Handy Petrol Rotary Mower incorporating the new 'TEMS' Titan Eco Mulching System. TPHW21 Rotary Handy Lawn Mower - 50cm / 20'. Just look at what this Handy Petrol Mower offers - we have not been idle in the design aspect of this machine, it has been thought through with ...

    By Titan Pro ltd based in Dorset, UNITED KINGDOM. from Lawn Mowers -Rotary Petrol Powered Product line

  • BioCompost - In-Vessel Composting

    All life forms on land originate from compost and are bound to turn into compost. It is the fundamental law of nature. Life depends on it.

    By Biocompost BG LTD based in Razgrad, BULGARIA.

  • Bestdoll - Living Bacteria Nourishing and Enriching Soil and Plant in Natural Ways

    Soil mýcro-organisms play an actýve role in the many chemical and physýcal changes that take place in the soýl. Soýi micro-organism are vital components for soil productývity facýlitating recycling plant nutrition elemenls such as nitrogen and carbon. They help break down organýc matter that ...

    By Dollvet based in Eyyübiye, TURKEY. from Fertilizer Product line

  • BIOREX - Organic Carbon Fertilizer

    BIO-REX is a processed manure ideal to enrich soils with a stable organic matter (HUMUS). Thanks to the perfect humification of the organic matter contained it has an optimal carbon/nitrogen ratio (C/N = 13.5). After spreading, it acts immediately enhancing the physical, chemical and microbiological features of the soil without absorbing nitrogen ...

    By Italpollina SpA based in Rivoli Veronese (VR), ITALY. from Organics and Organic Minerals Product line

  • Flower Bed Conditioner

    Back to Nature Rose Bed Amendment and Flower Bed Conditioner are a balanced blend of composted cotton burrs and composted cattle manure with feather meal, cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal, and sulfur. They were formulated especially for roses and flowers. Rose Bed Amendment and Flower Bed Conditioner are screened to a maximum particle size of 1/4 ...

    By Back to Nature, Inc. based in Slaton, TEXAS (USA).

  • Donaren - Model 870 H - Mounder

    The Donaren 870 H mounder has ripper wheels that can be adjusted for four different angles to make mounds or patches. Organic matter and mineral soil accumulated by the rippers is overturned to form a mound with the mineral soil on top. The distance between the mounds along rows, and the ground pressure of the arms, can be preset in the new ...

    By Swedcan West Inc. based in Spruce Grove, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Aquamor™ - Organic Soil Conditioner

    A blend of 50% Smart Approved WaterMark Aquamor™ Soil Improver and 50% composted organics, Organic Soil Conditioner will improve soil structure and increase organic matter content, stimulating microbial activity in the soil and improving plant health and growth rates. 100% organic and 100% recycled material with no bio-solids or ...

    By Eclipse Soils Pty Ltd. based in Subiaco, AUSTRALIA. from Soil Products Product line

  • Azumin - Magnesium Humate

    AZUMIN is manufactured by oxidizing and decomposing lignite with nitric acid, thus recovering humic acid, and neutralizing it with manganese. It contains 50% or more humic acid, which corresponds to a concentration 30 times that of compost. Under the Fertilizer Control Law, it is registered as a humic acid manganese fertilizer, complying with ...

    By Denka Corporation based in NEW YORK (USA). from Agri-Products Dept. Product line

  • Indogulf BioAg - Fermogreen (Plant Extract Bio-fertiliser)

    FermoGreen is an Bio Fertilizer produced through the natural way with plant nutrients extracted from plants itself, along with with soil bacteria. It primarily enhances aeration in the rhyzosphere (root zone) and improves soil texture.

    By Indogulf BioAg based in Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Ag + Humus - Liquid Soil Inoculant

    Bio S.I. Ag Formula + Humus is a liquid soil inoculant with a broad and diverse spectrum of naturally occurring, beneficial soil borne microbes. They help rebuild the soil, convert organic matter to humus and help free up nutrients tied up in the soil. Plants are in a constant struggle to get nutrients they need at critical growth stages. Microbes ...

    By Bio S.I. Technology LLC based in Argyle, TEXAS (USA).

  • Ecopans - Composting System

    Ecopans is a revolutionary composting system , key in hand, which inclued one or more composting machines and all the needed technical support! By terms of law you well be able to dispose all your organic waste, respecting the enviroment and obtaining a valid compost that can be mixed into the soil or growing medium to boost the level of organic ...

    By Claudio Pansa - Costruzioni in ferro based in Gardone Riviera, ITALY.

  • Model 75/25 - Mulches

    The 75/25 Mulch is made out of a 75% of Wood fibres and a 25 % of black peat from our peat mire exploitation in Torreblanca (Castellón). Advantages: It protects and keeps high moisture levels on the soil, it creates the optimal conditions for the seeds development and besides it adds organic matter to soil. Packaging; 23 Kg bags.

    By Infertosa S.A. based in DOOR, SPAIN. from Hydroseeding Product line

  • Fulvihum - Nutrient and Revitalizing of Tired Soils

    FULVIHUM is a complex of humic and fulvic acids with high biological activity that can increase the content of organic matter in the soil. The use of humic and fulvic acids is necessary for those intensively exploited or poor humus soils where the depletion of organic matter causes saline and calcification phenomena resulting in decreased ...

    By Tecnobell srl based in Bellizzi, ITALY. from Organic Plant Nutrients Product line

  • KEL - Revitalizing of Tired Soils Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

    KEL is a totally organic fertilizer obtained from working process of vegetable substances. It is rich in noble proteins and essential amino acids that are quickly absorbed by plants both leafy and radically. KEL contains a high potassium content, which results in increased sugar levels in the fruits, a more homogeneous and brilliant coloration, ...

    By Tecnobell srl based in Bellizzi, ITALY. from Organic Plant Nutrients Product line

  • Stym - Model 25 - Free Amino Acid for Liquid Products

    STYM 25 Enzymatic hydrolsis method provides % 100 natural amino acids in addiction to this it be strengthened I.S.I moleculs.It is phenolics mix that is made salicylic acid derivates, known tiregger for defence mechanism. Usable with all plants and production periods.

    By Makro Tarim Limited Company based in Dosemealti / Antalya, TURKEY. from Liquid Products Product line

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