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  • Weed management for developing countries. Addendum 1 (En)

    Series: FAO Plant Production and Protection PapersIn 1994 FAO published ' Weed management for developing countries' , to make available the most ...

  • Goose production (En)

    Series: FAO Animal Production and Health PapersThis publication is a guide to sustainable domestic goose production. Geese have a number of inherent ...

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    Soil Engineering

    The agricultural world has changed significantly during the last years. The excessive use of heavy machinery, waste disposal, the use of ...

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  • Fernbrook Nursery, Inc.

    Fernbrook Nursery, Inc.

    Fernbrook Farms has been in the Kuser family for three generations. The family-owned farm currently blends agriculture, horticulture, education and ...

  • Osella & C. s.r.l.

    Osella & C. s.r.l.

    The Osella company was established 25 years ago, starting by manufacturing small spraying and weeding machines. At present, owing to a steady ...

  • Micron Group

    Micron Group

    Incorporating Micron Sprayers Ltd, Micronair and Enviromist Industries Pty companies, Micron Group is a leading manufacturer of specialist sprayers ...

  • Quality Metal Works, Inc.

    Quality Metal Works, Inc.

    Ron Lubke founded Quality Metal Works in September of 1983, after receiving an Agricultural Engineering Degree from Western Illinois University and ...

  • Vanhoucke Machine Engineering

    Vanhoucke Machine Engineering

    Vanhoucke Machinery profilates themselfs as a constructor of farming equipment. Specialized in vegetable harvesting and treatment machines and also ...