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  • Sila-Bed Mower Brochure

    The Bomford Sila-Bed distributes the material for bedding quickly and efficiently leaving a thick aerated bed of straw. Available with 300 degree swivel chute or new side chute option for faster delivery of silage. The Sila-Bed's reversible conveyor is driven from a hydraulic motor through a chain drive. The blade-carrying rotor and paddle-turbine are shaft driven by the two speed gearbox. The ...

    By Bomford Turner Limited

  • Moving Floor Bedding Dispenser Brochure

    Moving Floor Bedding Dispenser can easily be installed in new and old barns to streamline the distribution of bedding material. The Bedding Dispenser is programmed in desired interval and bedding material quantity. It ensures that only new, fresh bedding is supplied to the cubicles several times a day. If bedding materials are stored in front of the cubicles the risk of ...

    By Moving Floor AB

  • TRIO - Stale Seed Bed Cultivator Brochure

    With the need to prepare stubble for mulch or direct drill stubble working techniques have to be improved. The need to keep weed seeds and volunteers in or on the surface combined with good straw mixing and distribution has a major effect on subsequent crops. The TRIO with its three rows of tines has been developed to produce the desired ...


  • Material Roller Brochure

    r P r o d u c t I n f o r m a t i o n 1-\\\\ M A T E R I A L R O L L E R r - F e a t u r e s a n d S p e c i f i c a t i o n J Your workday just got a lot easier. Introducing the Burchland EZR Material Roller. Precisely crafted and ruggedly built, the Burchland EZR will not only lighten your load-but cut your crew requirements by 1 Pivot Arm locks for - storage or transport. C almost half. ...

    By Burchland Maufacturing, Inc

  • SEPCOM - Heavy Duty/Bedding Separators Brochure

    Solids-liquid separation is the solution for transportation, storage, odor, biosecurity, and ...

    By Patz Corporation

  • Pivot Squeeze - Model 600 - 700 Series - Bale Beds Brochure

    Introducing the 600 - 700 Series Pivot Squeeze, the newest DewEze bale bed. Our Pivot Squeeze is built with the same strength and style of the industry-leading Parallel Squeeze, and includes innovative options like the new Swivel Spinners and the large 110' opening and narrow 34' closing of the DewEze Pivot Squeeze ...

    By Harper Industries Inc.

  • Model TDH 7300-18R - Seed Bed Tandem Disc Harrow Brochure

    In sizes from 18' to 34', the Kuhn Kruase 7300 Flex Wing Tandem Disc Harrow offers a wide range of standard and optional equipment choices to match the specific tillage needs of your farm. Kuhn Krause 7300 Rock-Flex model discs feature C-Flex type bearing arms to 'flex' over stones and other obstacles. The 7300 cuts, sizes, and mixes residue into the soil for faster breakdown and earlier soil ...

    By KUHN S.A.

  • Model 2600 Series II - Raised Bed Plastic Mulch Layer Operating Manual

    70 hp FWD tractor size minimum. Minimum row centers, 54” at 3’or 64” at 4’ or 74” at 5’ plastic. Adjustable plastic width from 3 ft. to 5 ft. wide plastic. Adjustable bed height from 5” to 9” high bed. Adjustable tension brake on plastic roll carriers. Adjustable row markers. Operator seat. Replaceable, reversible plow share blades. UHMW poly ...

    By Rain-Flo Irrigation, LLC.

  • Model PXS 10-Series - Soil Material Processor Brochure

    The Piranha PXS Series is uniquely designed for use with the ASV PT-30 compact rubber track loader. This is an awesome combination for landscaping, turf care professionals, sports fields, construction sites, road building, trench backfill, just to name a few. The PT-30 with a PXS is a very maneuverable machine. Working in tight spots? No problem for this team. Choose the size that is right for ...


  • Recovery of high value protiens from dairy fluids technology update

    23-May-03Recovery of High Value Proteins from Dairy FluidsTechnology UpdateSixth Symposium on Advances in Dairy Products Technology“Dairy Ingredients Symposium” Shell Beach, CAMarch 1-2, 2004Functional ingredientsMilk natural and transgenicEgg white/egg yolkPlant extracts, natural and transgenicFermentation broth, natural and GMOAnimal tissue extracts Animal blood and plasma- Proteins - ...

    By GEA Filtration

  • Premium

    FINN - Model BB302 - Bark Blowers - 1.5 Cubic Yard Hopper Capacity - Datasheet

    The FINN BB302 Bark Blower applies landscape mulch and other bulk materials with unprecedented efficiency, and eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand application. The 1.5 cubic yard hopper is perfect for smaller jobs and hard to reach ...

    By FINN Corporation

  • Premium

    FINN - Model B40 - Straw Blowers - Shreds and Blows 2-3 Bales - Datasheet

    The FINN B40 Straw Blower brings mulching ease to small landscaping operations. You save time and energy by eliminating tedious and time consuming hand mulching. And because the unit is both self-powered and portable, it’s easy for you to mulch in diverse ...

    By FINN Corporation

  • Dri-Li Extra - Control Bacteria Brochure

    Dri-Li Extra helps control bacteria in bedding to promote a healthier, more comfortable animal environment. Ingredients in Dri Li Extra meet the requirements of the Biocidal Products Directive. Dri Li Extra is a unique bedding conditioner. Based on calcified seaweed harvested off the coasts of Ireland and Iceland, it offers exceptional moisture absorption ...

    By Celtic Sea Minerals Ltd.

  • Premium

    FINN - Model BB1208 / BB1216 / BB1222 - Bark Blower Truck Mounted - Datasheet

    FINN Bark Blowers apply landscape mulch and other bulk materials with unprecedented efficiency, and eliminate the need for labor-intensive hand application. The BB1208, with 8.2 cubic yard capacity, the BB1216, with 15.7 cubic yard capacity and the BB1222, with 21.8 cubic yard capacity, provide high efficiency mulch application capabilities for landscape maintenance companies and mulch ...

    By FINN Corporation

  • West Rear Discharge Spreader Brochure

    West Rear Discharge Spreader• Heavy steel construction - 4mm plate,• In-cab electro/hydraulic operation of bed chain plusreverse facilities,• Contra-rotating beaters - 400rpm rotor speed,• Sprung action deflector plates,• Wide and even spread pattern,• 23.1 x 26 tyres,• 8.7m3 capacity, handles all types of material,• Standard slurry gate,Rear DischargeManure SpreaderHARRY WEST (PREES) ...

    By Harry West (Prees) Ltd

  • Premium

    Benefits of Bark Blowing Brochure

    AESTHETICSMulch improves the appearance of yards and beds by giving it a complete, attractive and finished appeal that everyone desires to enhance the beauty, uniformity, color and texture of their landscape. Using a Bark Blower to distribute and spread the mulch can not only save time and money, but provide for a smooth and clean application. There is no need for messy piles, sloppy labor or ...

    By FINN Corporation

  • Premium

    B-260 Straw Blowers - Shreds And Blows 20 Tons Of Straw Per Hour Specification Sheet

    Model B260S t r a w B l o w e rB260 Straw Blower Straight Pull Trailer. (B260T)The FINN B260 Straw Blower is designed for maximum performance and operator convenience. It is widely considered the standard by which all straw and hay mulching equipment should be measured. With the highest material capacity in the industry (up to 20 tons/hour), the B260 handles the toughest material while ...

    By FINN Corporation

  • Premium

    GeoRunner Surface Protection Installation Guidelines

    Base Preparation 1. Level and compact the soil base suitable for the intended loads, then rake loose the top ½ inch of soil to provide seed bedding layer. The GeoRunner units can be installed directly over the bedding layer, turf reinforcement mats or sod. 2. Correct elevation and contour of the base layer is important because the flexible GeoRunner units will follow the base elevation and ...

    By Presto Geosystems

  • Products Catalog Brochure

    KenncoServing YOU since 1973ManufacturingFrom Design to Manufacturing,Kennco is the Best You Can BuyCatalog 23Kennco Mfg., Inc. • PO Box 1149 • Ruskin FL 33575 • 813-645-2591 • Fax 813-645-7801 • • • ©20112Kennco Manufacturing has been building farm equipmentfor plasticulture and row crop farming since it was formedby Ken McElwain in 1973. Our industrial ...

    By Kennco Manufacturing, Inc.

  • Model C460 - Straw Blower & Bale Feeder Brochure

    The McHale C460 can be used to distribute bedding material quickly and efficiently leaving a thick aerated bed of straw. The McHale C460 can also be used to feed round bales of silage. The McHale C460 bale feeder & straw blower is a versatile machine, which can be used for feeding short fibre silage and can also be used to easily distribute long fibre fodder such as hay and ...

    By McHale Engineering Limited

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