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Irrigation Channels equipment for Irrigation

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    Veterinary Otoscope with Integrated Working Channel

    Depending on the length, width and other attributes, an examination of particular organs, orifices, passages and cavities requires endoscopic tools of varying characteristics. They may vary in diameter, working length, field of view, direction of view, and presence of sheath for one or more working channels, to name just a few. In some cases one ...

    By by Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Veterinary Endoscope Product line

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    Portable Veterinary HD Video Gastroscope

    This Veterinary Video Gastroscope has been designed to perform diagnostic procedures and postoperative examinations in the stomach and colon of cats and dogs.

    By by Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Veterinary Endoscope Product line

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    Veterinary Oto-Endoscope Set

    Medit’s Multi-Purpose Vet-set, features an Oto-endosocpe which has been specially designed by veterinary professionals for universal diagnostics and routine procedures in both large and small animals. These multi-purpose endoscopes feature a 2.7mm diameter with a 108mm working length, and a 0 degree, straightforward view of the inspection ...

    By by Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Veterinary Endoscope Product line

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    Telescope for Vaginoscopy, Cystoscopy and Transcervical Insemination

    Common indications for veterinarian vaginoscopy and cystoscopy include such conditions as chronic cystitis, incontinence, trauma, vaginal discharge, bleeding, and foreign body removal, to name just a few of the most frequent ones. In addition, both procedures may be performed in conjunction with artificial insemination. The timely treatment of the ...

    By by Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Veterinary Endoscope Product line

  • Hayes - Channel Spraying Booms

    The Hayes Spraying channel boom has been designed specifically for the irrigation industry. The main boom features a hydraulic fold that can be adjusted follow the contour of both channel drains and channel banks. The channel boom can be either hydraulic or manual folding and comes standard at 13m with 50cm nozzles spacings and manual fenceline ...

    By Hayes Spraying based in Goondiwindi, AUSTRALIA. from Linkage Sprayers Product line

  • Model NS - Low Lift Pumps

    Low lift Pumps for Surface Irrigation.

    By Allweiler-Farid Pumps based in St., Shoubra El Mezallat, EGYPT.

  • Side Pivot Channel Socket - Direct Feed From Level Channel

    The Side System with Channel Feed is fed directly from a level channel. A motor pump group is installed on the 4-wheel car that sucks and drives the required flow. There are two versions: electric or diesel. In the first case, a surface electric cable is required that provides us with the energy necessary for its operation; and ...

    By Riegos Ruiz based in Alfaro, SPAIN. from Pivot Product line

  • Medium Duty Robust Irrigation Gates

    Lighter duty Stainless Steel or Aluminum frames and blades (3/16' vs. 1/4' or more for standard gates) using WT-50 compact controller system and Linear Actuators. Designed especially for On-Farm canal  and irrigation control, Check and Delivery gates, where the heaviest duty frame and actuator system is not required.  guides, stainless ...

    By Watch Technologies based in Grants Pass, OREGON (USA). from Sluice Gates Product line

  • Interwell - Big Ground Pumps

    Our large flow pumps are used for pumping large volumes of water and are mainly used for by-pass and for feeding irrigation channels. The pumps are also equipped with a vacuum pump that guarantees rapid priming of the system.

    By Interwell S.r.l. based in Quarto d`Altino, ITALY. from Pumps Product line

  • Weed Cutters

    For exceptional aquatic plant management challenges we offer specialized weed cutting machines. Often used in conjunction with conventional Harvesters, these heavy duty cutters are designed to remediate the most severe aquatic plant infestations.

    By Aquarius Systems based in North Prairie, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Mono-Wheel Rotary Ditcher

    To create new ditches, we recomend using tractors for creep speeds of 0.4/07, whereas periodic maintenance of existing ditches can be done at maximum advancement speed of 0.6/0.7 mph. the standard digging angle is 30°. The work depth is regulated via the hydraulic hoist of the tractor in a controlled position. this type of ditcher is used ...

    By US Ditcher, Inc. based in Spartanburg, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Agriculture Machines - Rotary Ditchers Product line

  • Irrigation Canals

    The precise level and flow control provided by the Obermeyer Gate System facilitates controlled water diversion at rivers without fluctuations in diverted flow caused by river flow changes. Automatic water level control at canal drop structures provides uniform discharges at canal outlets under varying flow rates. Obermeyer Gate Systems can also ...

    By Obermeyer Hydro, Inc. based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA). from Pneumatically Actuated Gates Product line

  • Lateral Move Systems

    Travel straight across square and rectangular fields with lateral move systems. These high-strength steel systems can irrigate nearly 100% of these fields.

    By Southwest Irrigation, LLC based in Willcox, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Vegetronix - 8 Inputs USB Soil Moisture Sensor Reader

    This low-cost no-frills data logger is perfect for reading up to 8 Vegetronix soil moisture sensors.  It reports sensor data back to a host computer via USB, or it can run stand alone and store data to non-volatile memory, for later retrieval. Setup is very quick, with screwless terminal blocks. When connected via USB, the device is powered ...

    By Vegetronix, Inc. based in Riverton, UTAH (USA).

  • Chateau Herbicide - Residual Control of Various Grass and Broadleaved Weeds

    For the residual control of various grass and broadleaved weeds in vineyards and orchards; for enhanced knockdown and residual weed control in irrigation channel banks and drainage ditches, as per the Directions for Use tables.

    By Sumitomo Chemical Australia Pty Ltd based in Epping, AUSTRALIA. from AgroSolutions Product line

  • In-Line Cylindrical Drip Irrigation Tube

    In-line cylindrical drip irrigation tube product introduction: The inner cylindrical drip irrigation tube is a kind of pre-processed cylindrical dripper with labyrinth flow channel and heat-dissipating the wall of the drip irrigation belt, and then used the punching machine A drip irrigation device in which the outlet of the dripper is perforated ...

    By Tangshan Zhifu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. based in Tangshan City, CHINA. from Drip Irrigation Products Product line

  • Prefabricated Concrete Irrigation Channels

    For irrigation and the channelling of water, Fattori boasts a wide range of irrigation channels; concrete channels resting on concrete plinths cast on site, enabling the rapid creation of a channel network. The type of channel used is chosen according to the needs of the farmer and the flow rates of the water that the irrigation channels must ...

    By Fattori Srl based in MONTICHIARI, ITALY. from Prefabricated Irrigation Product line

  • FlumeGate

    The FlumeGate is central to large-scale open canal modernization projects. The FlumeGate is an 'overshot' gate that combines both precision control and accurate flow measurement in the one product - each being essential elements in the system-wide control of open canal irrigation networks. There are now in excess of 5,000 FlumeGates installed ...

    By Municipal Treatment Equipment & Municipal Valve, LLC based in Golden, COLORADO (USA).

  • Clevebio - Model Amnite AG100 - Pond Regeneration Product

    The product contains: Selected, naturally occurring, Hazard Group 1 floc-forming micro-organisms which can rapidly metabolise a wide range of substrates, surfactants to aid the degradation process, free enzymes and nutrients, cereal based carrier.

    By Cleveland Biotech Ltd. based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM. from Other Product line

  • SSAqua - SCADA Irrigation Canal Controller

    SSAqua Systems 2000 Inc. introduces the SCADA Ready Controller for irrigation canal control applications. Plug-and-play SCADA systems are made easy with built-in support for the widely accepted Modbus communications protocol. Developed around an off-the-self industrial programmable controller and panel mounted operator interface, this integrated ...

    By Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. based in Lethbridge, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Automation Product line

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