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  • Cellular Filling System
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    Cellular Filling System

    By AHED Plastic Industry and Trade Company

    Geocell is a geosynthetic product which manufactured from low or high density polyethylene. GeoCell are three-dimensional layers used by expanding the light and flexible structure.

  • Irrigation Canals
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    Irrigation Canals

    By Obermeyer Hydro, Inc.

    The precise level and flow control provided by the Obermeyer Gate System facilitates controlled water diversion at rivers without fluctuations in diverted flow caused by river flow changes. Automatic water level control ...

  • Flow Regulator
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    Flow Regulator

    By Perrier Sorem

    Placed on basins or gravitary irrigation channels, flow regulator is used to supply a secondary channel with a regular and adjustable flow. One or two masks according to tidal range. Perrier Sorem, specialist of flow ...

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