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Irrigation Costs equipment for Irrigation

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    Golf Course Irrigation Systems

    At WeDo Tanks, we design and build custom Golf Course Irrigation Systems. Backed by vast industry experience, we’re able to meet the needs of golf course irrigation systems or irrigation tanks. Be it a completely new install of a borehole or upgrading of a poorly constructed one, we handle everything. At WeDo Tanks, you can get everything ...

    By LLC based in Sahuarita, ARIZONA (USA). from Water Product line

  • H3 - Variable Speed Control Drives

    H3PC’s Variable Speed Control is a great economical choice for those constant flow/constant pressure irrigation applications. Our design is geared to the Farmer with our evolutionary “Cruise Control Feature”. It works just like the one on your pickup today… Get to your desired speed, flow, or pressure, and “set it ...

    By H3 Pump Controls based in Hazlehurst, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Dacom - TerraSen Station - Basic

    A TerraSen station BASIC consists of a TerraSen sensor with 5 sensors that measure soil moisture conditions, soil temperature and irrigation at several depths, a DSG 3.0 datalogger with solar panel and communication function. Complete with pole and wires.

    By Dacom based in Emmen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Drip Irrigation Equipment

    Since our orientation, we are able to manufacture, supply and export optimum-grade Drip Irrigation Equipment. These equipment are designed and manufactured at our sophisticated production unit using high grade components. It is ideally useful for providing maximum safety to the food grains in hazardous conditions. Our team of quality controllers ...

    By Harvel Agua India Private Limited based in New Delhi, INDIA.

  • Battery Zone

    No power? No problem! Battery Zone easily upgrades a solenoid valve to automatic control. Installing new irrigation or adding a valve in a place where power isn't easily accessed? Battery Zone is the easy solution that provides economical battery-powered control of standard irrigation solenoid valves. No need to run new power wires through the ...

    By The Source Inc based in Ogden, UTAH (USA).

  • Ultra - Linear Irrigation System

    T-L’s “ULTRA Linear Tractor” allows you to irrigate adjacent parallel fields with one system. The spans linear pivot around a stationary 4-wheel tractor using a furrow, cable, concrete ditch or buried wire for guidance. The tractor can rotate allowing the system to operate in a variety of orientations such as a linear pivot.

    By T-L Irrigation Co. based in Hastings, NEBRASKA (USA).

  • TracPacker - Model 2W-1003 - Tractors

    This is the model that started it all!  This base unit will fit a wide variety of tractors (see listing at right). The disk gangs move the displaced soil back to the track where it is packed twice into the bottom of the track. This key function gets more soil packed back in to the track and allows the refilled track to remain more stable ...

    By TracPacker based in Battle Creek, NEBRASKA (USA).

  • T-L Irrigation - Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation System (PMDI)

    At T-L, our motto has always been “The Choice is Simple.” With the simplicity of hydraulics and the continuous movement of a T-L, we have the best water application you can get. T-L has gone one step further in combining the simplicity of hydraulics. This new application is called PMDI™ (Precision Mobile ...

    By T-L Irrigation Co. based in Hastings, NEBRASKA (USA).

  • Briggs - Racecourse Irrigator

    The Briggs Racecourse Irrigator has been developed specifically for the demands of the modern racing World and has been introduced on many courses in the UK and around the world.

    By Briggs Irrigation based in Corby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Clear Liquid Pumps

    Cornell's clear liquid pumps are known around the world as the most durable, most reliable, highest efficient pumps in the industry. They can be found in a variety of applications in the Agricultural, Industrial, and Municipal markets and are available in Close-Coupled, SAE Engine Mounted, Horizontal, and Vertical Configurations.

    By PumpTech Inc. based in Bellevue, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • AgriGate - Crops & Open Fields Modular Structures

    Highly qualified team of agronomists, design engineers and irrigation technicians. Extensive know-how in hydraulics, fluid analysis, water distribution, agricultural applications. Adaptation of advanced irrigation solutions to all crops, climates, soil types and water sources. Diverse irrigation systems for economical and efficient use of water ...

    By AgriGate Ltd based in South,Sandton, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Mazzei - Chemigation Process

    Precise chemical applications for irrigation systems… Mazzei is the low cost solution. Mazzei injectors are patented, high-efficiency Venturi injectors with internal mixing vanes. They are used worldwide for injecting gases and liquids such as fertilizers, pesticides, chlorine, and other chemicals into pressurized water systems. Mazzei ...

    By Mazzei Injector Company, LLC based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Agriculture Irrigation Product line

  • Aquaterr - Model VAT 8 - Eight Irrigation Valve Actuating Transmitters

    Connects directly to your commercial irrigation controller, and sends programmed radio signals, specially encoded to activate the Aquaterr Receiver to which they are wirelessly linked.

  • Single Rail Boom

    This boom benefits from very simple construction. Built with a spray bar that spans the width of your bay and is turned on and off by the controller using a single solenoid. The entire boom rides up and down the bay on a single rail.

    By BWI Grower Technical Sales based in New Summerfield, TEXAS (USA). from Irrigation Product line

  • Single blade labyrinth type drip irrigation tape making machine

    Characteristics of single blade labyrinth type drip irrigation tape making machine: The diameter of tape is controlled by diameter gauge which is explored and invented by ourselves so that the measurement and control of diameter of tape is accurate, steady and reliable.

  • Aluminum Irrigation Pipe

    Aluminum irrigation pipe is efficient, long lasting, ideal for Gated Irrigation Pipe by Hastings Irrigation Company for agricultural and industrial needsreplacing open ditches and siphon tubes. It is available in diameters of 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 inches in 30 foot lengths. Other lengths are available. Space between furrows: 20, 30, 36, 40 inches, or ...

    By Hastings Irrigation Pipe Co. based in Hastings, NEBRASKA (USA). from Irrigation Product line

  • MB Plast - 180° Microsprinklees Head

    180° microsprinklees head - Standard - Anti-insect. Single-piece irrigator, featuring high constructive simplicity at very limited costs. Is thin, deformable structure makes it unbreakble and very easy to clean.

    By MB Plast based in Pomezia Roma, ITALY. from Sprinklers Product line

  • Huawei - Model 1600 Series - Drip Round Pipe

    Drip irrigation is the most effective way of the precise irrigation. It can be realize the intergration of water and fertilizer. With the advantage of water saving, fertilizer saving, labor cost saving, it makes the irrigation more effective, high proceeds and especially fits for large scale of planting. The crops planted in rows are suitable for ...

    By Shanghai Huawei Water Saving Irrigation Corp., Ltd based in Shanghai, CHINA. from Drip Irrigation Product line

  • Model GX 560 Series - Irrigation Travelers

    Covering 3 to 5.3 acres per pull the GX560 traveler has been introduced to provide an economical answer to agricultural irrigation by combining accurate, low cost hose reel irrigation with a simple and efficient drive system. The 4 speed gearbox can achieve speeds of over 350 feet per hour to give a light application of water to delicate crops ...

    By AgriBusiness International, Inc. based in Villa Rica, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from GX series Travelers Product line

  • Capillary System

    Suitable for irrigation in flower, fruit, and vegetable crops in greenhouses or pots, young trees, propagation, and on cultivation tables.

    By Meteor Systems BV based in Breda, NETHERLANDS. from Vegetables-Irrigation for Tomato Crops Product line

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