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Irrigation Flow equipment for Irrigation

  • Premium

    2H HUMIPACKING - Plastic Components for Evaporative Coolers

    Evaporative cooling presents a proven procedure to cool chicken, hog or green houses, especially in warm regions of the world. For this purpose, 2H HUMIPACKING® fills are mounted into the walls of stables and green houses and are irrigated. An air flow generated by fans is lead through the fills and is at the same time humidified and cooled. ...

  • Scova - Microrain or Spraying System

    Micro irrigation system featuring irrigators with higher flow rate compared to drip irrigation, with water and fertilisers being distributed on a larger surface.

    By Scova Impianti s.r.l. based in Castelfranco Emilia (Modena), ITALY. from Agriculture - Systems Product line

  • Trijet - Emitters

    An innovative series of emitters specifically designed for irrigation of young plants of oil palm trees and other trees planted in large spacing. The emitters throw a jet of water directly into the root zone , thus eliminating the waste of water. The product is available in three configurations :

    By Tavlit Plastic Ltd. based in Yavne, ISRAEL. from Trijet Emitters Product line

  • Model MINI 35B - Single Wheel Ditchers

    The wide range of rotary single wheel ditchers has been designed and developed by Cosmeco for many water management purposes, such as the excavation, maintenance or cleaning of collector ditches and furrows. Thanks to their rotors fitted with knives and plates, the soil is comminuted and removed, and can be thrown sideways at many meters away, or ...

    By Cosmeco s.r.l based in Ostiglia (MN), ITALY. from Single Wheel Ditchers Product line

  • FertiLine - By-Pass Machine suitable for large systems of Greenhouses

    Irrigation flow up to 150 m3/hour. Activates 1 to 300 valves. Computerized operation – local or using PC. EC and pH control. 35 Irrigation Programs. 10 Fertilization Programs. 3 to 6 Venturi Injectors, 350 to 1000 Liter/hour. Stainless Steel Booster Pump. Fertilizer Counter for each Injector. Visual flow Meter for each Injector. Electric ...

    By Gavish based in Givat Brenner, ISRAEL. from GreenLine Product line

  • Aqualine Signature - Emitterline

    Jain Signature Aqualine is a pressure compensating integral emitterline featuring the NaanPC emitter. The NaanPC emitter is a revolutionary self-compensated turbulent flow labyrinth inline emitter, produced under a world wide registered patent. The NaanPC emitter has a newly formulated silicone diaphragm ensuring reliable and accurate performance ...

    By Jain Irrigation, Inc based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Agriculture - Emitterline Product line

  • Rain Master Eagle™ - Irrigation Controller

     The Rain Master Eagle™ combines classic controller programming with cutting edge features, including an optional weather station. Optimized for simplicity, the Eagle is ideal for use by ground maintenance personnel and landscape managers that require a fully automated, “Smart” ET weather-based irrigation controller.

    By Irritrol based in Riverside, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Controllers Product line

  • Long Range Rotor Sprinkler

    This rotor propelled field sprinkler was historically known by the name 'type 688 sprinkler' and 'Windmill propeller sprinkler'.

    By Rain-Tal Ltd. based in Kibbutz Barkai, ISRAEL. from Surface Irrigation Product line

  • Micro Drip Method

    Micro Dripping is an irrigation method that enables a very low flow rate, close to one fifth the flow of ordinary drippers. The nominal flow rate of each Micro Dripper may be as low as 0.2 L/hr and this low flow is resulting with better wetting distribution in the soil.

    By Rain-Tal Ltd. based in Kibbutz Barkai, ISRAEL. from Drip Irrigation Product line

  • Scova - Micro-Irrigation Drip System with Lay-Flat Hose

    Micro-irrigation drip system using low-flow rate lay-flat hose, suitable for field irrigation (melons, watermelons, tomatoes, etc.). Some benefits: low running costs and labour costs for laying the hose, supply line can be used for many seasons, it can be used for fertigation purposes, etc.

    By Scova Impianti s.r.l. based in Castelfranco Emilia (Modena), ITALY. from Agriculture - Systems Product line

  • Dynagage - Model Flow32-1K - Sap Flow System and Dynagage Sensors

    The Dynagage Flow32-1K Sap Flow system and Dynagage sensors have been servicing research plant scientists throughout the world for over 10 years. The Flow32-1K software makes working with Flow32-1K sap flow system easier than ever before with built-in algorithms for efficient and faster data analysis. New powerful functions include auto-zero and ...

    By Dynamax Inc based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Transpiration Sap Flow Product line

  • Model FT-A10C - Automatic Dripper Flow Tester

    This unique dripper flow tester bench was developed by Drip Irrigation Systems, LLC. to measures dripline flow rates in real time.

    By Drip Irrigation Systems, LLC. (DIS) based in Del Mar, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model TX110/210 Series - Insertion Turbine Irrigation Flow Sensor

    The TX100/200-Series are adjustable depth insertion turbines that come in brass or 316 stainless models to fit 3' to 40' pipe. Adapters mate with standard 1-1/2' (110/210) or 2' (150/250) FNPT threaded fittings such as saddles and weldo-lets which may be purchased either locally or from Seametrics. Ruby bearings and a non-drag pickoff give these ...

    By SeaMetrics, Inc. based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA). from Irrigation Flow Monitoring Product line

  • PFS Series - Irrigation Flow Sensors

    The Baseline PFS Series Flow Sensors have a unique low drag, a lightweight impeller design, and a specially engineered tee cavity and impeller placement to ensure smooth flow and precise performance at the lowest flow rates.   Every Baseline PFS Series Flow Sensor is two-wire ready with a Flow biCoder built into the tee insert.  ...

    By Baseline Inc based in Boise, IDAHO (USA).

  • Codema - Ebb Flow Systems

    An Ebb-flow System is one of the hydroponic irrigation solutions and usually installed either on specialized growing benches or on a concrete floor. It’s known for its simplicity in design, reliability of operation and it’s low initial investment cost. It is therefore selected by bedding plants, pot plants, lettuce and herb growers all ...

    By Codema Systems Group B.V. based in Bergschenhoek, NETHERLANDS. from Cultivation Systems Product line

  • Bigham - Model 888 Series - Culti-Lister

    The Model 888 Culti-Lister gives you consistent beds across the field. With a parallel-link gang that conforms to your field like your planter units, you’ll get identical beds from one pass to the next. A vibrant mix of attachments and ground-engaging tools fit this machine to your farming practices. Plus, a few simple changes turns this ...

    By Thomason Tractor Company based in Firebaugh, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Master - Model Mm2-mp - Irrigators with Pump

    Turbine drive, the patented 'Turbimec' system, interchangeable for flows of 10 to 130 m³/hr.  Structure shot-blasted just before the application of an epoxy anticorrosive primer. A top coat of polyurethane paint with a low content of solvents is applied before being treated in the oven for a super finish. Model with hot galvanised ground ...

    By IRRIMEC s.r.l. based in CALENDASCO (Piacenza), ITALY. from Irrigators with Pumps Product line

  • Amiad - Model ¾ - Tagline Filters

    Easy maintenance: No tools required for extracting the elements from the filter housing for rinsing. High quality, excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. Low pressure loss. Interchangeable filter elements for wide range of flow rates, various filtration degrees, and irrigation applications. Screen cylinders or Disc elements

  • Sadot - Irrigation and Fertigation Controllers

    All irrigation controllers are for professional applications, and minimally perform the following:

    By Sadot Irrigation Systems based in Hertzlya, ISRAEL. from Talgil Computing & Control Product line

  • Unirain - Model F26/W - Full-Circle Plastic Irrigation Sprinkler

    Full circle impact sprinkler. ½” Male thread. 23º water stream angle. Specially suitables for low (F2614W) and medium flow (F2614) undertree irrigation.

    By Unirain SA based in Dos Hermanas, SPAIN. from Low-Medium Flow- Plastic Sprinkler Product line

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