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  • Impact Sprinklers
    Showcase Product

    Impact Sprinklers

    By Senninger Irrigation

    The 30 Series impacts are specifically designed for delivering maximum efficiency at lower flows between 1.84 to 6.42 gpm (418 to 1458 L/hr) for Senninger’s 3/4″ sprinklers.

  • Soil Amendment Product
    Showcase Product

    Soil Amendment Product

    By Four Star Services, Inc.

    Agri-SC has been utilized in agricultural and soil management programs as an amendment for soil structures; creating improved soil, water, and air mixtures in which nutrient programs perform. Aside from reducing the ...

  • Neutralizer Unit
    Showcase Product

    Neutralizer Unit

    By Priva

    There is a possibility that the bicarbonate content of your irrigation water is too high and the water will then require pre-treatment.  Reducing these high levels of bicarbonate in the water allows you to reliably ...

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  • Netafim


    Netafim’s smart drip and micro-irrigation products incorporate advanced water conservation practices and technologies for enhanced landscape ...

  • Rain-Tal Ltd.

    Ein-Tal is a worldwide known brand in the farming community, mainly for its vast range of novel irrigation methods that fits the growing needs of ...

  • Deerpoint Group, Inc

    Deerpoint Group, Inc

    Since 1993 when the company was started, Deerpoint Group has provided chemical water treatment solutions for agriculture irrigation water. Originally ...

  • Rain-Flo Irrigation, LLC.

    Rain-Flo Irrigation, LLC.

    An agricultural leader in vegetable planting equipment, vegetable growing products, T-Tape drip tape for drip irrigation, plastic mulch, portable ...

  • BERKELEY pumps  - Pentair

    BERKELEY pumps - Pentair

    BERKELEY knows that you demand the highest performance from your irrigation and turf pumps. Since 1937, when BERKELEY pumps were first used to ...