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  • Irrigation Kit for Orchards
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    Irrigation Kit for Orchards

    By Plastic Puglia

    HortoKIT is a system especially designed for irrigation of small orchards, even when there is lack of pressure water sources. Its main feature is the making installations based on drip irrigation technology totally ...

  • Heavy Wall Dripperline with Cylindrical Drier
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    Heavy Wall Dripperline with Cylindrical Drier

    By Plastic Puglia

    GOLD-DRIP dripperline is a black pipe with a blue stripeon top, made up of turbulent flow self-cleaning dripper’ system, which can be used on flat ground or with strong slopes. GOLD-DRIP is particularly suitable ...

  • Tree Planting Systems
    Showcase Product

    Tree Planting Systems

    By GreenBlue Urban

    The GreenBlue Infrastructure Solutions ArborSystem brings together the key elements of successful tree pit design and simplifies the design and installation process for specifiers and installers.

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  • Arcadia Irrigation

    Arcadia Irrigation

    Arcadia Irrigation have a network of professional installers, so if you are looking to have anĀ irrigation system installed (big or small). Arcadia ...

  • Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers

    Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers

    The Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers was established in 1960. Agricultural Engineering, involves application of engineering to production, ...

  • Rain-Tal Ltd.

    Rain-Tal Ltd.

    Ein-Tal has been known as a producer of advanced irrigation devices and a leader of implementing novel watering technologies and systems for over 30 ...

  • Geoflow


    Rodney Ruskin, Karen Ferguson and Alvaro Sanjines founded Geoflow in August 1990, when the use of ROOTGUARD technology was registered by the EPA. The ...

  • Arizona Drip Systems, Inc.

    Arizona Drip Systems, Inc.

    Arizona Drip Systems, Inc., and Sundance Farms specializes in custom farm minimum-till, no-till machinery, and sub surface drip irrigation. We have ...