Life Irrigation

Automatic Irrigation System


Life Irrigation installs computerised equipment which will control the intelligent water distribution and smooth operation of your automatic watering system, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, well cared for garden, without the necessity for manual intervention.

This way, you can focus on your business and pleasure and let the garden 'water itself'! Life Irrigation stock and install Irrigation and a variety of electronic garden controllers to allow intelligent distribution of water to the plants.

The controllers are chosen depending on your irrigation needs.Agricultural irrigation and horticultural irrigation would require different electronic systems. As such, Life Irrigation would need to visit your garden or landscape to discuss the most suitable option.

A computer controller takes care of your garden, lawn andlandscape irrigation, regulating the watering and sprinkler systems automatically. A rain sensor is always fitted to the system and ensures that water is not wasted during wet spells.

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