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Eliminate organic solid waste processing costs by diverting trash from landfills and naturally disposing of your trash on-site. Our BioSpeed composting machines optimize microbial breakdown to transform nearly all of your organic waste (see below) into lush, nutrient rich compost that can be used on campus grounds, gardens, large farms, donated, or even sold. 

  • What do the BioSpeed composting machines do?
    • Optimize the microbial environment
    • Enhance natural breakdown speed up to 30x faster than conventional composting
    • Reduce organic waste by 70-90% daily
    • Convert the remaining 10-30% of organic waste into compost
  • What do I have to do?
    • Plug-In the machine
    • Open the Hatch and put waste in the chamber, close hatch
    • Retrieve compost
  • What can be composted?
    • Food Waste, with no exclusion
    • Pet & Person Waste, including animal waste, human waste, hospital waste, etc.
    • Home Products, including corn, potato, or paper-based cutlery, plates, napkins, newspapers, etc.
    • Brown Waste, including yard trimmings, wood chips, tree debris, mulch, etc.
    • And More...
  • What else should I know?
    • Odorless 
    • Carbon Neutral
    • Minimal Maintenance
    • Durable and Reliable, including stainless steel components
    • Safe, including built-in safety measures
    • Flexible to fit volume and waste stream needs
    • Conform with past and upcoming legislation

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