Controlled Environment Unit – Weaner Unit



The penning equipment for the controlled environment unit is made in height 75cm. It is a combination of closed and ventilated dividers, which provides the pigs with optimal conditions for good growth.

The dividers have a smooth and closed surface and are thus very easy to clean.
The gate to the pen can be designed as a large unit with plastic profiles or as a small hinged gate with stainless steel profiles.
The open divider between two pens of vertical pipes, can be made in either stainless or galvanized steel and allows the weaners to have contact with the pigs in the other pen.
The controlled environment cover is made as a dual unit, which can be supplied with galvanized hinges or a rubber hinge installed all along the cover.
In order to facilitate the supervision of the pigs, the cover can be installed as a manual or motorized opening system.
A very unique solution, which can be adapted anywhere

  • Penning height 75 cm
  • Plastic dividers thickness 35 mm
  • Gate profiles plastic or stainless steel
  • Open divider galvanized or stainless steel
  • Feeding system dry feeder or liquid feeding trough
  • Controlled environment cover in water repellent wooden plate
  • Opening system for cover manual or automatic
  • Water system with cup or valve
  • Water supply in plastic

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