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In trials independent institutes have demonstrated that systematic defoliation of the grape zone is a decisive factor in improving wine quality. Because ERO Defoliators work on the 'suck and cut' principle, when fitted with a grille with 9 bars (70 mm bar spacing), they can be used for thinning inflorescences. When a top cutter is also fitted, the first trimming operation can be carried out at the same time. You save time and reduce soil compaction. Numerous options allow you to configure the optimum machine for your applications.

  • Adjustable impact protector with automatic return in both driving and reverse directions.
  • Exact adaptation to the foliage through extremely long suspension travel (parallelogram function).
  • Suspended parallelogram guarantees uniform, automatic adaptation to the foliage, even when climbing or
  • descending slopes.
  • Lateral inclination of the suction fan is not restricted by the parallelogram function. A uniform degree of defoliation over the entire working height is assured.
  • There are three ways of setting the intensity of defoliation:
  • Distance between the knives and the grille;
  • Adjustment of the grille opening;
  • Adjustment of the angle of the fan to the driving direction.
  • The pressure applied by the suction fan can be adjusted by varying the spring pre-load.
  • Adjustable discharge direction.
  • Parallelogram can be locked in the transport position.
  • Stainless steel housing for easy cleaning.
  • Numerous manual adjustment features (basic equipment), optional electric or hydraulic adjustment.
  • The two-sided machine can be set to have different degrees of defoliation on each side. Optional electric or hydraulic adjustment from driver's seat.
  • For optimum adaptation to the foliage, the suction fan can be manually adjusted in three axes - basic equipment, electric or hydraulic adjustment as options.
  • Working speed: 4-7 km/h

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