Flexible Cow Feeding Fence


Flexible Feed Fence is the essence of simplicity. Yet it is also genius. No longer are cows restricted by head gates that are intimidating. No longer do they need to do a sideways head bob to access their meal through a restrictive head gate. No longer do cows develop lesions and rub marks from awkwardly positioned heavy metal. The Flexible Feed Fence is low enough the cow can easily look over top and readily see the feed. With upright posts cows are protected from the boss cows. Spring loaded with flex for 30 degrees naturally accommodates the cow’s natural reach. Finally now she can stand and pick up several mouthfuls and without any upward restriction lift her head high and let the food glide down her throat and further down to the stomach with ease. She can now conserve her energy for producing milk. She just might think she is on pasture.

  • Timid or new cows to the herd adjust quickly and comfortably find their spot, since it appears unintrusive
  • Boss cows are controlled from dominating an area
  • No rub marks or lesions on necks or shoulders
  • Consumption of feed increases, which ultimately supports increased production

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