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Perrein SAS

Front Nivelsem Tillage Machine



Save time: Optimize your seeding time, doing two operations in one pass. Soil preservation: Diminish soil compaction with the best front and rear balancing of your tractor.

Pack, level, cut as you need in association with a back implement to prepare your soil in only one passwith the front Nivelsem.

Save money

Reduce your seeding cost by decreasing the number of pass.


Many rollers, tines and discs to choose, according to your soil.

The front Nivelsem to prepare the seed bed in one pass with one tractor.

Role: Prepare the soil  in front of the tractor in combination with a back seeding system.

Operation: Front soil preparation implement consists of a roller mounted on self directional frame with or without tines, or mini croskills roll.


  • Seeding opération in one pass.
  • Better ballasting rear and front of the tractor, less compacting for the soil.


  • From 3m to 6m width, rigid frame or Hydraulic folding frame (from 4m), their weight varies depending on the choice of the roll and the width of the implement.
  • For a simple 3m wide the weight is between 1000 and 1500kg, a Nivelsem 4m wide with folding frame weighs between 1500 and 2500kg, a 6m width with folding frame weighs between 1800kg and 3000kg.


Different types of rolls are available:

  • Packer roller 500mm, and roulgom roller 520mm and 586mm will pack on the surface
  • Cast iron discs rollers 700mm diameter will tamp in depth
  • Spiral roller 600mm diameter will have a leveling action
  • Wavy dics rollers 500mm diameter will have a cutting action on residues and clods

In combination with these rollers, it is possible to add straight tines in front of the roller:

  • Straight tines 450mm (section 45mm x 12mm) for heavy soil
  • Straight tines 390mm (section 35mm x 12mm) for light soil

A mini crosskill diameter 360mm/410mm for light soils, can be mounted at the back of the roll.
We also have a front Nivelsem with two rows of Crossboard tines 80mm x 10mm section with pallets 150mm width to clip of the plowing.

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