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fertilizer containment equipment

  • AGROOT - Animal Based Liquid Organic Fertilizer That Contains Amino Acids and Protein

    Agroot is a protein based organic fertilizer suitable and useful for all stages of development, suitable for all kind of soil structure for all plants that are farmed. The type L amino acids contained in our products are amino acids that are most easily absorbed by plants and maximize their metabolic activity.

    By AGROPOROS based in TURKEY.

  • Fertil - Dispenser

    Granules under control! Is a unique solution for the controlled distribution of granular and micro-granular products. Fertil Dispenser, with dose device, which works only localized, it’s made to be adjusted from 2 to 25 grams. The operator have no possibility to make mistake! Fertil Dispenser is indicated to work in nurseries, public green ...

    By Simeoni Tecnogreen Srl based in Sacile (PN), ITALY.

  • IRRITALIA - Container For Fertilizers

    It is made of a hot galvanized tank which permits the penetration of controlled quantities of fertilizers into the water. The percontage of the penetration of fertilizers is determined by the difference of pressure between the inlet flow of the water and its evacuation from the tank. The pressure difference is controlled by the intermediate valve ...

    By IRRITALIA di Vecchi Andrea & C. s.n.c. based in Case Castagnoli CESENA (FC), ITALY. from Container For Fertilizers Product line

  • Bio Industrija - Model 0-8-18 - Ecological Fertilizer

    Fertilizer which production process does not involve any chemical treatment; it contains natural mineral components. In addition to phosphorus and potassium, the fertilizer contains magnesium and sulphur. NPK 0-8-18 + MgO(8) + SO3(30).

    By Bio-Industrija based in Klaipėda, LITHUANIA.

  • Green Touch - Dry Fertilizer

    Urea Fertilizer (46-0-0): Urea contains the highest nitrogen percentage (46%) of all the solid fertilizers.

    By Abatti Companies based in El Centro, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Dry Fertilizer Product line

  • JumpStart - Model 5-20-4 - Starter Fertilizers

    A starter fertilizer for use on seeded and transplanted crops, containing humic acid and micronutrients for early root development. KeyPlex Jumpstart promotes early root growth and can be used on most seeded and transplanted crops. It contains alpha-keto acids which may facilitate utilization of nutrients, and increase resistance to environmental ...

    By KeyPlex based in Winter Park, FLORIDA (USA). from Starter Fertilizers Product line

  • Simplot - Model 46-0-0 - Urea Fertilizer

    Urea contains the highest nitrogen percentage (46%) of all the solid fertilizers and is widely used as a nitrogen fertilizer for plants and as a protein substitute in ruminant animals feeds.

    By J.R. Simplot Company based in Boise, IDAHO (USA). from Urea Fertilizer Product line

  • Fertilizer Tanks

    Fab-Seal Industrial Liners, Inc is a leading manufacturer of flexible membrane liners for the Agricultural Industry for both primary and secondary containment of fertilizer and other hazardous liquids. Fab-Seal Industrial Liners, Inc. is a pioneer in the fabrication and installation of tank liner systems for liquid fertilizer. Our system uses a ...

    By Fab-Seal Industrial Liners Inc based in Shawnee, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Agronom Maxor - Model D - Organomineral Fertilizers

    In case of constant agriculture, soils become poor in terms of organic matter. Agronom MAXOR-D is an oragno-mineral and vegetative fertilizer containing NPK and chelated micronutrients that is formulized to satisfy these needs of soil and plant. With the amino acids it contains, it provides a balanced growth to plants. It is suitable to use in all ...

    By Ufuk Tarim Gida San. ve Tic. Ltd.Sti. based in Bayrampasa, TURKEY. from Organomineral Fertilizers Product line

  • Defender - Liquid Fertilizer

    Defender is a ready to use liquid fertilizer derived from patent pending urea phosphite. Every gallon contains over 5.9 pounds of phosphorus acid! (10.9 pounds of phosphite)

    By SummitGold Midwest Distributing, Inc. based in Peoria, ILLINOIS (USA). from Liquid Fertilizer Product line

  • MICROBOOST - Foliar Fertilizers

    MICROBOOST - is designed for soil and foliar application, to prevent and correct preexisting deficiencies as indicated by plant leaf and soil testing. MICROBOOST contain the following elements below in varying amounts depending on your crops needs.

    By AgriInfoTech, Inc. based in Salem, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Foliar Fertilizers Product line

  • Gatit Fertilizers

    Gatit fertilizers are prepared from different sources of Nitrogen (NH2, NH4 and NO3), combined with Phosphorous and Potassium sources and Trace elements according to the needs of the different crops. It contains reduced amounts of Chloride up to a maximum 6% chloride in the fertilizer. Gatit is enriched with the following Trace –elements (TE): ...

    By Gat fertilizers Ltd. based in Afula, ISRAEL.

  • Omex CalMax - Suspension Fertilizer

    A suspension fertilizer containing 22.5% calcium and a balanced range of micro elements. Omex CalMax is specifically formulated for use as a foliar fertilizer and can be applied to all fruit and vegetable crops to improve fruit firmness, storability, colour and skin finish.

    By Omex Agriculture Ltd based in Lincoln, UNITED KINGDOM. from Suspension Fertilizer Product line

  • Bioilsa - Model 777 Export - Ecological Fertilizer

    Ecological fertilizer NPK 7.7.7 + 5 S. BIOILSA 777 EXPORT is a pelleted organic – mineral fertilizer, able to provide complete nutrition to crops. It contains potassium sulphate with absence of chlorine and the presence of sulphur.

    By Bio-Industrija based in Klaipėda, LITHUANIA.

  • Progress Micro - Ecological Fertilizer

    Ecological fertilizer NPK 6.5.13 + 2Mg + 10 S. PROGRESS MICRO is a pelleted organic – mineral fertilizer containing organic nitrogen which is naturally slow – released. It satisfies growth conditions even for the most exigent crops.

    By Bio-Industrija based in Klaipėda, LITHUANIA.

  • Gainer - Model 0-50-30 - Phosphate Fertilizer

    Gainer 0-50-30 contains Phosphate, Potash, Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, and Zinc to help correct nutrient deficiences in a number of crops.This water soluble plant nutrient is easily blended with granular bulk fertilizers for convenient application.

    By WinField Solutions, LLC based in St. Paul, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Phosphate Fertilizer Product line

  • BIONATURAL Mix - Model NP - Organic Fertilizers

    BIONATURAL Mix is an organic fertilizer containing nitrogen and balanced phosphorous. The bringing of Bionatural Mix improves the physical features of the soil as the retention of water capacity, the permeability at water and at air, favouring the taking root, activating the microbial flora, increasing the availability of the fertilizing elements ...

    By AGRIA srl based in Ragusa (RG), ITALY. from Organic Fertilizers Product line

  • Model 21-7-14 w/SCU - Bagged Fertilizer

    Professional Turf Fertilizer that contains 50% Slow Release Fertilizer for a 6 week feeding of nitrogen and 2% Iron for green color. Like 15-5-10 and 21-7-14 this is a 3-1-2 ratio with the above added benefits.

    By Justin Seed Company based in Justin, TEXAS (USA). from Bagged Fertilizer Product line

  • DPG - Model 0-21-0 - Phosphorus Fertilizer

    DPG 0-21-0 is a concentrated source of phosphorus (21% as P2O5) that can be used to provide readily available phosphorus to all types of crops including: nuts, vegetables and fruits. The formulation contains levels of soil-beneficial carbon-based, organic material (6%). As a result, this easy to apply, unique formulation has no chlorides, ...

    By Deerpoint Group, Inc based in Madera, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Phosphorus Fertilizer Product line

  • PureGrade - Model EC - Liquid Fertilizer

    PureGrade EC Liquid Fertilizer is the first liquid fertilizer to effectively mix with EC-based liquid pesticides. PureGrade EC contains the patented Nutra-Flo FlexEC compatibility agent that provides the benefits of trouble-free blending and convenient application of EC-based insecticides with North America's leading in-furrow starter fertilizer ...

    By The Andersons, Inc based in Maumee, OHIO (USA).

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