Lighting & Airflow



Supplemental lighting is a requirement for most research applications. Conviron has developed a patented lighting system that is capable of uniformly delivering 300 micro-moles of supplemental light. High intensity discharge luminaires designed specifically for this application are mounted on an adjustable rig that is easily raised or lowered to provide a constant light intensity at the plant growth canopy. Ballasts are remotely located in the corridor to eliminate waste heat in the growing environment, reduce the obstruction of natural light, and provide easy access for maintenance.

Conviron offers a novel yet proven solution for greenhouse climate control. Air is conditioned in a plenum and delivered above the plant canopy through a perforated air-sock ducting system. The resultant downward airflow pattern provides unparalleled uniformity throughout the growing zone while still allowing for the use of an automated irrigation system.

Ventilation through ridge vents is available when research needs are moderate. A high-pressure fog system, designed and fabricated by Conviron, is used for evaporative cooling or humidification. Air conditioning, based on direct expansion (DX) or chilled water, is available and heating can be provided by hot water or steam, if required.

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