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Machines for Group Sows Management



Individually selected boxes in combination with modern feeding on demand predetermine the highest efficiency in buildings. “Variant” Factory Ltd. can offer its customers the machines for group sows management convenient for cleaning and corresponding to biological needs of animals intended for equipping of both piglets of nursery site and feeding places. Two types of machines are used for group pig management. They are boxes made of cellular PVC panels (type 14) and cage machines (type15).

Depending on the target application the boxes can be of different size. The required size is provided by use of PVC panels which are attached to the brackets of different height. Flexible design under modular principle enables easy installation of the boxesdesired regardless of the construction features and dimensions of the building. The panel can be mounted at the necessary height pressing by hand. As a result there is a very strong partition which can stand against any strike.

There is a CaZn stabilizing coating applied on the panels which is resistant to chemicals and disinfectants. Rigid PVC and well thought double-wall structure provide optimal rigidity and special impact resistance.

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