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Pasture Irrigation System


Sprinkler irrigation for pastures has never been easier. Portable Hose Reel Traveling Sprinklers Irrigate Pasture and hay fields as easy as you would water a sports field, park, or lawn. The rugged construction of our reel sprinklers allow easy irrigation of any field, including rough pastures. Your water source can be a well, creek, river, ditch, or pond. The sprinkler can follow a gentle curve to match an irregular field boundary. The moving sprinkler can easily water around obstacles like rocks, trees, streams, etc. Irrigate a wooded area since only room for the sprinkler travel path is needed.

Move your pasture irrigation system from one field to another through existing access gates. Location of use is only limited by your water supply. Have a small pasture? Pick a reel sprinkler sized to fit your pasture and your water source. We have battery and solar powered reel sprinklers that can operate from direct bury water hydrants with low pressure and low volume. Move the irrigation reels with a small four wheeler or ATV and store it inside when not in use. Call us to see how Smith Irrigation Equipment can help you water your pasture. Smith Irrigation Equipment has been your 'single source' for the best choices in pasture irrigation sprinklers for over 30 years.

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