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Self-Floating Manure Removal System



There are concrete tanks 0,4-0,6m deep under the machines with grating where all animals’ excrement flushing water for cleaning and disinfection machines run. There is a system PVC sewer pipeline mounted under the tanks. There are saddles in the tanks with plugs closely fitted to the hole. The plugs can be easily lifted by a hook. The liquid manure is a driving force in the locking. The separate concrete tanks under the floor prevent from entering infection with the manure from one section into another one. Spontaneous outflow of manure liquid fraction, and drafts under the grates are excluded due to lakproof closing of drain holes. There are air valves installed at the end of each sewer line to avoid air locks which can lead to spontaneous opening of plugs in the tanks cleaned from manure, during the movement of manure along the pipe.

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