Jones Engineering

Triple Potato Planter


Heavy Duty Robust British manufacture.Four tonne hopper capacity.Hydraulic folding.Hydraulic steering axle.Central tipping hopper.Independent automatic depth control.Automatic filling mini hoppers.Belts delivering seed to mini hoppers are sensor controlled so that minimum amount of seed is in the mini hoppers at one time, eliminating damage to the tubers.Infinite options on spacing.Change spacing on the move.No chains or sprockets.Trailed allowing it to be easily pulled using 120hp tractor.Can be fitted with either hoods or ridging bodies to suit all conditions


  • Brush widths 72' , 84' , 96'
  • Left or right angle sweep up to 35 degrees
  • Brush diameter 27'
  • Brush material Polypropylene, Wire, or both
  • Operating speeds of up to 6 m.p.h
  • Height control twin mounted rubber tyred castor wheels
  • Hydraulic drive or power shaft drive available


  • Hydraulic angle adjustment
  • Forklift or Loader attachment
  • Depth control for brushing straw off carrots

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