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Market research services are divided into two business areas: AMIS Panel Research and AdHoc Research.Kleffmann Group is the leading worldwide provider of panel research information (amis®) in seed and agri-chemicals as well as providing its clients with a wealth of marketing services focusing on clients specific and syndicated ad-hoc market research. As a full-service-company we offer complete solutions and a broad portfolio of innovative research methodologies designed to best suit your information needs.

For every study and the entire project workflow we guarantee a personal client support – starting with analyzing your unique situation to the presentation of results. But we do not only deliver data. Once the survey data is collected we do not simply leave you alone with the results, but also provide you with expert analyses and insightful recommendations to help gaining insights necessary to achieve the full potential of your business.
Our own fieldwork organization enables us to react flexibly to constantly changing market conditions. Data are collected either face-to-face or by telephone in our own call center. Our interviewers are personally trained by the responsible project managers to assure the high quality standards of Kleffmann Group.

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