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  • Market Research

  • Agribusiness Research Services

    Agribusiness Research Services

    Market research services are divided into two business areas: AMIS Panel Research and AdHoc Research.Kleffmann Group is the leading worldwide provider of panel research information (amis®) in seed and agri-chemicals as well as providing its clients with a wealth of marketing services focusing on clients specific and syndicated ad-hoc market research. As a full-service-company we offer complete solutions and a broad portfolio of innovative...

  • AMIS Panel Research Services

    AMIS Panel Research Services

    Kleffmann Group offers via its amis® system, worldwide farmer based panel information for all major crops - covering seeds and crop protection inputs. We are conducting amis®Seed farmer based panels as well as amis®Crop Protection farmer based panels. Typical results of these surveys include information about market penetration and market share of plant protection products or per variety, seeding and application rates, pricing as well...

  • AdHoc Market Research Services

    AdHoc Market Research Services

    Kleffmann Group is the leading worldwide provider of agricultural market research with a diverse portfolio of research solutions. Using innovative methodologies and analytical tools, Kleffmann Group designs qualitative as well as quantitative AdHoc research approaches tailored to your information needs.Learn more about your market opportunities, gain insights into pricing and measure customers' satisfaction - our areas of research include:

  • Agricultural Marketing Services

    Agricultural Marketing Services

    Kleffmann Group is constantly creating innovative products and services to help clients gain the information necessary to achieve their full potential.Now we are developing 'Farmers' Solutions' - agricultural marketing services especially designed for farmers. During the current trial period in various countries aroundthe world, we are working with selected farmers to better understand their expectations and...