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AESA acknowledges that poverty is mainly rural and combating poverty means tackling the problems of rural areas, where agricultural production is the main source of employment and income. Thus, without development of the agricultural sector, poverty levels will persist. In this context Agriculture can be conceived as an integrated part of rural development.

AESA works hand by hand with its clients in order to help them achieve the rural development goals of improvement of social and economic development, poverty alleviation, competitiveness in the agricultural and forestry sector, increased productivity and improved standards of living in rural areas.

The main services AESA provides within our Agriculture and Rural Development sub-sector of specialisation are:

  • Agricultural policy and Implementation of agricultural policy measures
  • Technical assistance and capacity building on design and implementation of Rural Development and Sectoral Operational Programmes
  • Technical assistance to producers and marketing organisation
  • Preparation of calls for proposals and project proposals for RDP grant schemes
  • training and know how transfer to improve key capabilities of final beneficiaries to design and manage Rural Development Programmes( RDP)
  • Technical support to facilitate the establishment and development of local communities and public-private partnerships
  • Institutional assessment and strengthening of public administrations
  • Agricultural Statistics and Farm accountancy
  • Technical assistance towards the establishment, development and management of Paying Agencies

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