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  • Agricultural and Rural Development

    AESA has built an international reputation for efficiently implementing high impact projects and programmes in rural development and agriculture. Our teams of experts help in a wide range of development interventions in these sectors thus playing a significant role in enhancing the economic development activities required to meet the aspirations of the rural communities’ worldwide.

  • Agricultural and rural Development Services

    Agricultural and rural Development Services

    AESA acknowledges that poverty is mainly rural and combating poverty means tackling the problems of rural areas, where agricultural production is the main source of employment and income. Thus, without development of the agricultural sector, poverty levels will persist. In this context Agriculture can be conceived as an integrated part of rural development.

  • Farm Management and Agribusiness Development Services

    Farm Management and Agribusiness Development Services

    Since its foundation, Agriconsulting Group traditional activities have focused on providing technical assistance in farm management and agribusiness development. Our farm management unit, headquartered in Rome, is a commercial focused consultancy delivering a results-based approach to our clients. We therefore set up strong partnership with our clients to create innovative and strategic solutions for their farm management and agribusiness...

  • Food Services

    Food Services

    AESA has an adequate capacity to provide professional services, technical advice and training to national and regional institutions, private clients, and regulatory bodies in the fields of: Food Safety, Food Quality, Food Control, Food Hygiene.

  • Veterinary and Animal Health Services

    Veterinary and Animal Health Services

    AESA offers efficient, prompt, courteous veterinary services that are and mainly focused to building the ability and capacity of National Public Veterinary Services in the areas of inspection, animal disease control schemes, animal health, animal welfare, and in the setting up and implementation of Animal Identification and Registration Systems.

  • Plant Health Services

    Plant Health Services

    With its vast large experience in the field, AESA has over the past ten years been involved in the transfer of know-how to support National Authorities in the creation of Phytosanitary Inspection Services and in making the systems operational and sustainable in line with European Union (EU) and World Trade Organization (WTO) norms. AESA has also assisted countries in the establishment of State Phytosanitary Laboratories (SPL) and their associated...

  • Fishery Sector Services

    Fishery Sector Services

    AESA is also operating in the Fishery sector, mainly offering services such as: Elaboration and development of programmes for fisheries and aquaculture. Overall management and coordination of sustainable fishery programmes. Feasibility studies. Environmental impact analysis. Harmonization of national legislations with EU requirements. Fishery quality management. Advice and support for artisanal fishers. Training of small scale fishers. Training to...

  • Economic Development

    Many countries and regions need to expand their markets to be able to benefit from globalisation. Joining the World Trade Organisation, or setting up and trading with regional trading blocs, have become important routes to economic prosperity. The development of small businesses, building up institutions, restructuring industries, etc, are all safe paths to develop and reach that economic prosperity.

  • Trade Development, Investment Promotion and Regional Economic Integration Services

    Trade Development, Investment Promotion and Regional Economic Integration Services

    Design and implementation of trade development and investment promotion projects. Trade and foreign investment policies and advice to executing bodies for policy implementation. Skill development for the negotiation, design and implementation of trade agreements. Removal of technical barriers to trade, support in implementing the SPS agreements. Strategic design for economic environment and business growth. WTO accession. Trade Policy and Regulations/...

  • Regional Development Services

    Regional Development Services

    Inter-regional co-operation, regional development policy. Local development. Structural funds. Cross border cooperation. Training. Monitoring and evaluation.

  • Social Development

    The AESA Social Development Department has worldwide experience in implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects in the field of social development. The AESA Social Development Department operates on the assumption that HRD in a lifelong learning perspective represents a key factor in increasing prosperity, creating sustainable growth and encouraging social inclusion in transition economies.

  • Social Development Sub-Sector Services

    Social Development Sub-Sector Services

    Social situation and impact analysis. Social policy institutions and their management. Social sector planning. Minorities and social exclusion. Policies to support disadvantaged groups. Gender issues. Poverty reduction.

  • Labour Market Interventions Sub-Sector Services

    Labour Market Interventions Sub-Sector Services

    Labour Market analysis, settings and management. Employment Strategies. Labour Market Oriented Training Models. Support to employment services and offices. Social dialogue. Job creation. Labour issues of disadvantaged groups, equal opportunities. Pension policy.