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Kleffmann Group is constantly creating innovative products and services to help clients gain the information necessary to achieve their full potential.Now we are developing 'Farmers' Solutions' - agricultural marketing services especially designed for farmers. During the current trial period in various countries aroundthe world, we are working with selected farmers to better understand their expectations and needs.


The complete portfolio of our agricultural marketing services for farmers will be available in additional countries soon:

Legally secure documentation and farm management:
amis®4farming is an online application which works with the farmer in securing the traceability of agricultural products worldwide and archiving, maintaining and documenting the collected information.
Benchmarking service for agriculture:
Crop-based benchmarking system based on inputs and yields.
Farmer commodity price benchmarking
Benchmarking service for farmers:
Farmer sales price for most important commodities.
Farmer consultancy and certification:
Farm certification based on documentation and management tools.

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